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I Love my Legs

Aug 25, 2014 | Running | 4 comments

Perfect is the enemy of good.

When looking in the mirror, what I see is far from perfection but a lot of it is good enough. In these days of heightened media attention of everyone’s bodies (not just womens), it is easy to focus negatively on aspects that we don’t like about ourselves- the not-so-flat stomach, the arms that seems to squidge at our sides in photos (how does this always happen?). Instead of always focusing on the negative, stop for a minute and think about the positive, which area of your body do you think is great? What are you proud of?

My legs for example- I love my legs. They’re covered in scars, (and aren’t shaved as often as they could be) but they’re strong, and lean and long-ish. I have knobbly knees that I find strangely endearing and IT bands that hurt like hell to foam roll…But these legs have completed 3 marathons and run hundreds of miles. They’ve climbed mountains and jumped off waterfalls. They’ve pedalled 60+ miles to Brighton, cycled safely down Death Road (google it) and down Cotapaxi Volcano.

I’ll happily show off those little beauties in a mini dress or lycras, skinny jeans or track shorts.

Instead of focusing on what you don’t like, think about what you do like, and what your body has and can achieve. It might not perfect, but it’s pretty darn good. 


  1. Stephanie The Magpie

    So true Charlie! You do have lovely legs 😉 Body image is a tough one.

  2. karley

    Well said and a great reminder! Thanks!

    • charlotte

      Thank you!


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