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How to tell if you have ‘Maranoia’

Nov 2, 2016 | Running | 9 comments

It’s kicking in, on Monday’s run I swear I had a huge knot in my calf. Then walking around London between meetings on Tuesday, my knee started twinging. Then I developed a crick in my neck.

The phantom pains. Or at least I bloomin’ hope they’re phantom. I posted about the taper crazies on instagram the other day, and somebody replied with the term ‘maranoia’ aka marathon paranoia.

running Henley on Thames

How to tell if you have ‘maranoia’? 

  • You repeatedly google the race day weather, and plan multiple outfits ‘just in case’.
  • As well as checking your confirmation email 13 hundred times, you’ve also double checked exactly how you’re going to get there on race day morning, and where exactly the course will take you.
  • You test your gels as a mid-morning snack, just to check you like all the flavours you’ve chosen for race day. (also practice opening them with your teeth/one hand so you can grab a cup in the other hand at the water stations).
  • Everything hurts.
  • 2am wake ups, drenched in sweat, having nightmares about cramping, pooing yourself and missing the start time are very real.
  • You can’t stop talking about your upcoming marathon, how many days, hours and minutes you have to go.
  • You question your training, your preparation, and most importantly, your pre-race breakfast choice… (stick to what you know!)
  • Secretly, you consider pulling out and spending the day on the sofa instead…

This morning, I completed my last run workout, a 2 mile warm up, 5 X 3 mins at 8.20 pace, then a 2 mile recovery for a total of 6 miles.

After a rather foggy run on Monday evening, I didn’t take any chances on the slippery, dark roads so headed to the local gym – Henley Leisure Centre.

I hadn’t been yet, as I’ve been gyming near uni or running outside, but with a big swimming challenge on the horizon next year, I know I need a pool near home for some much needed training.

Plus, a treadmill, set of weights or a Body Pump class on tap is always handy, especially when you can pay as you go with no sign up fees as part of the Pay As U Gym chain. I don’t think I’d use the gym or pool often enough at the moment to have a full membership however having the option to use it for just £8.70 is great.

Also the swim only membership is only £26 and they’re offering the first month free if you sign up before end of December. Oh and they offer student memberships which you can bet I am going to take advantage of.

Henley Leisure Centre

The gym is pretty modern, with a  great selection of equipment and enough that there was no waiting around, however, the changing rooms could do with an update. In all honesty, I would probably wait to shower and change at home after using the gym here in future – not sure quite how that would work with the pool. Any suggestions? A towelling robe like the ones kids have springs to mind!

Wearing that outfit that makes you feel great no matter how many cookies you ate the day before…. There’s just something so flattering about all black Lululemon!

Henley Leisure Centre


  1. Carla

    Ahhhhhhh. This. Will. So. Be. Me. On. April. Second.

    • charlotte

      Haha it happens every single time!

  2. Traci

    I’m currently training for my first full marathon & I’m a little terrified! HA! Have a great race!

    • charlotte

      That’s awesome Traci, good luck with your training and thank you! 🙂

  3. Kathryn Axon

    All true! Especially the weather forecast. I convinced myself it was going to snow at London this year and then there would be no crowds. It didn’t and it was perfect conditions!

    Good luck for NYC!

  4. Nicole

    GOOD LUCK THIS WEEKEND. I’m in NYC and will totally add you to my tracker!! xo

    • charlotte

      Thnank you!!!!

  5. Harris John

    Wish you all the luck possible tomorrow Charlie !
    Don’t remember how I found your blog, nevertheless, I’m a new fan of yours from East Coast, USA.

    • charlotte

      Thank you so much Harris!


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