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How to Take a Great Pool Selfie

Aug 28, 2014 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

1. First and foremost ensure your camera is waterproof, this is obviously crucial. Whether your normal camera is waterproof, you use a Go Pro, or you use a waterproof case such as Lifedge covers for your iPhone or iPad.

2. Set up the camera to take multiple shots if you can- this will give you a couple to chose from and should mean you won’t miss the crucial moment.

3. Grab a friend if you like, set up your shot, and go. Whether it’s swimming, posing underwater, or my personal fave- a mid-air jumping shot! You may have do this multiple times to get the perfect moment. If you’re taking it underwater, try to keep your eyes open (or goggles on) so you don’t get the slightly odd sleeping underwater baby effect. And don’t forget to smile!!






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