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How to Squeeze Your Long Run in Before Work

Aug 11, 2014 | Running | 7 comments



When the alarm went off at 5am on Friday morning there was nothing I wanted to do more than turn it off, roll over and go back to sleep. Instead, I dragged myself out of bed to force down a banana, a little toast and a cup of tea.

With Tom’s sister’s wedding this weekend, I knew I needed to get my long run out of the way before the festivities began. During my New York marathon training I completed one of my long runs on a Friday morning, so knew that it was completely achievable. Long runs take up a lot of time, and sometimes fitting them in to a busy weekend is just not possible. Having the option to get the run finished before the weekend starts can alleviate a lot of the pressure.

Here’s my advice on how to get through as super-early long run and make it as pleasant as possible;

Try to get an early night before your run.

Eat something. This is so so important. I know it can be tempting to choose the extra sleep over spending time eating and digesting, but you will not have a strong long run on an empty stomach.

Hydrate – the night beforehand I’ll drink a pint of Nuun, then drink another glass in the morning. I’m a very sweaty runner and need to drink a lot while running, so I usually take my hydration pack for anything longer than 8 miles. I find it so easy and comfortable to run with, and love that I can take little sips whenever I want.

Oh hey there Adidas Runners
Download some new music, an audiobook or a couple of podcasts, having something to listen to and distract you is good motivation to get moving.
Don’t forget to bring fuel for your run. I ate strawberry shot bloks every 5 miles which I love during training, but find too difficult to eat and run whilst racing. You can read more about fuelling for a marathon here. 

Make sure you choose a route that will be well lit, particularly if you’re running in the winter months. I ran along the roads for the first 3 miles, before joining the Thames Path once it was fully light.


Give yourself extra time– you’re always going to take longer than you think. Whether it’s an extra few minutes faffing before you leave the house, pausing at traffic lights or stopping to refuel, I always end up at least 15 min slower than expected.

Stretch- even if it’s in the queue for your treat coffee. If you’re sitting at your desk for the remainder of the day, try to get up and walk around at intervals to stop getting too stiff and creaky.

Take your clothes to work the day before so you don’t need to carry them with you, and make sure it’s something comfy. The same with the shoes- you feet will probably be quite sensitive.

First selfie with my glasses

Treat yourself to a delicious second breakfast once you get to work. I couldn’t stop thinking about an iced coffee from Soho Grind during my run and it tasted as good as I knew it would! A few glasses of champagne were drunk on Friday evening in celebration too.

Feel SMUG all weekend knowing your long run is done!


I hope you had a fab weekend!


  1. Ash Bear

    1) Great job!
    2) Great post!
    3) Great effort on the picture!
    4) I love your dress so much! Absolutely adorable!!

  2. kathyqruns

    Love the Thames Path in the morning. Cute glasses, and cute fascinator too!

    • Charlie

      The Thames Path is my absolute favourite place in London to run! Its so easy to add mileage and there’s not traffic lights!

  3. Kathy Q

    Love the Thames Path in the morning. Cute glasses, and cute fascinator too!

  4. Kirsty

    I love working out and running etc but I just cannot get up earlier than 7!!! even though im training to become a PT… mornings just arent for me.. hopefully waking up to make other people work out wont be so hard!

    kirsty x

    • Charlie

      It’s always easier to resist the snooze alarm when getting up for work- less excuses! Good luck with your training.


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