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How to grow your blog readership: Using an Editorial Calendar

Aug 4, 2015 | Uncategorized | 11 comments

editorial calendar

Do you use an editorial calendar or do you just blog about whatever comes to mind? Some people are very rigorous with their editorial calendars, posting specific posts each week. I definitely go with the flow to ensure posts are relevant and I have space for posts like this that just come to me. But there are some really great benefits from using some sort of editorial calendar;

  • Keeps your blog organised, with regular posting
  • Ensures you don’t forget to post a pre-written post
  • Shows the areas that you are lacking, and the times where your blog doesn’t get updated
  • Allows for easier scheduling when you’re on holiday
  • Somewhere to keep your blog ideas and makes sure they don’t get forgotten
  • If you have a specific themes, you can ensure that you can cover each topic regularly

Another benefit of using an editorial calendar is that you won’t miss any pre-arranged sponsored posts, or blogs about products. It’s not great to get reminder emails from a brand that you’re working with about a post, so being able to give them a firm date on when the blog will go live is a good way to avoid that.

I have a physical calendar that I bought from Paperchase in January that includes a month to view page as well as a week to view, which I fill in with my regular posts, such as my weekly Marathon Training posts on Mondays, race recaps and events that I know about in advance.

I’ll then pencil in posts that I’ve drafted or brainstormed that need to be written, finished and posted. You could use a Google calendar, paper diary, excel spreadsheet or whatever works best for you.


The best widget I have on my blog by far is CoSchedule, it’s a widget that allows you to plan your editorial calendar within your blog, but better than that, it allows you to pre-write your social media shares for your blogs when you schedule your posts. Once you’ve scheduled it, written your Facebook and twitter shares, press publish, you’re good to go! Honestly, this is a game-changer, especially when you’re off on holiday and may not have internet access. It’s not free, but I think it’s well worth the $10 I pay a month for the widget!

Do you schedule your blog posts in advance? How do you plan your content?


  1. peachylau

    My problem is to make time to write the posts haha

    • tessietickle

      I’m with you on that one!

  2. Georgina

    Thanks for answering my question Charlie!

    I too am a fan of a paper diary, though I haven’t found a format that works for me in blogging terms as I use my filofax for day-to-day stuff and don’t really have room for blog things – might try some different inserts though 🙂

    I’ve just started (about a month ago) using CoSchedule too, but haven’t used it to full advantage yet and have had a few teething problems.

    Like Laureen, my main issue now is actually finding the time to do my posts! But I’m hoping that bringing my iPad to work to write more in my lunch breaks will help. I can’t use the commute time as I drive to work!

    Sorry for the super long comment!

  3. fitlivingblog2

    I just started using CoSchedule and I’m so mad I didn’t start using it earlier! It is so helpful when planning and posting content. I have a paper calendar as well (I will always have one!) and then one through google docs. Did I mention I love planning? Ha!

  4. Kayla @ Blondes Have More Run

    I just did a trial of CoSchedule and loved it! However, I’m not sure I feel like paying a monthly fee for it, so for now I am back to pencil and a paper calendar! thanks for sharing!

  5. fitfoodiemama

    I use Co-Schedule and LOVE it! Best thing I ever did for my myself and blog! 🙂

  6. Scallywag (@ScallywagSprint)

    I plan out my posts on blogger scheduling, but like many I often do not have time to write that many posts. Ideally, I’d love to post twice a week. Realistically, that almost never happens.

    I also have a blogger draft post that is a set of potential topics

  7. healthylioness

    Love CoSchedule! Saves so much time and makes scheduling up posts so easy! 🙂

    • charlotte

      I agree! It’s so easy and all done at once!

  8. Liz

    Not only do I use Hootsuite for Fit Approach, but I try to put reminders in my personal calendar for when to post on Instagram. I too try to write on my blog organically, but that definitely creates lulls between posts. I’ve started a note on my phone to keep track of ideas when I’m in the moment, like out on trail runs!

    • charlotte

      Such a great idea to remind yourself to instagram. Excited that scheduling instagram is becoming a thing!


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