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How to Fit Exercise into your Life

Jun 26, 2013 | Uncategorized | 7 comments

Exercise has taken a bit of a backseat recently. I’ve been super busy at work, seeing friends, travelling and er, working. It’s tough to fit exercise into days that are already jam packed, but I certainly see a difference in my stress levels when I don’t. Exercise needs to become a priority again so that I can reap the physical and mental benefits.

Here’s how I’m going to ensure that I can fit enough exercise into my hectic schedule;

Schedule it in
Work out at the beginning of the week what exercise you want to achieve, and write it in your calender or diary. I am for at least 5 days a week, even if it’s only half an hour. Writing them in means you’re less likely to schedule something else during that time, or skip it. Write it in red pen to show its importance!

Wake up earlier
Setting my alarm half an hour earlier and reducing my snoozing time means that I have plenty of time before work to go for a run, hit the treadmill at the gym or attend a class. Training for the Ealing Half Marathon in September has begun, and I prefer to do my runs in the morning, so it looks like I’ll be exercising at least a few mornings a week! I love starting my day knowing I’ve got my workout in already, plus I tend to make healthier food choices throughout the day, starting with breakfast, if I workout first thing.

Getting active at lunchtime
Regardless of how busy I am at work, I deserve a proper lunch break at least a few times a week even if I can’t take an hour everyday. There are plenty of classes at the gym between 12-3 everyday. Pilates and yoga are great lunchtime options as it doesn’t require a full hair wash, or a 30 minute Express Cycle class is a great sweat fest, with time for a proper shower. I know some people fit in a RUNch, so maybe I should take Laura up on her offer to join her!

Join up with friends
Fitting socialising into a busy schedule is hard enough, trying to fit in time to exercise is tough. I love mixing the two together, which is why I’m thrilled that I’m running the Color Run UK with some of my school friends, and have a half marathon training buddy (that’s willing to do early morning workouts- whoop!)

Find classes that you enjoy
I used to LOVE BodyPump, but since I’ve changed gyms they offer a different version that I am not so enamoured with. I want to find another class that I really enjoy and can put in my diary on a weekly basis. I’ve recently tried Barry’s Bootcamp out, and love the format and tough workout you get, but sadly it’s quite pricey to add to an already expensive gym membership. I’d love to try some more Barre workouts that everyone seems to rave about. And I am desperate to try CrossFit- once a box opens in Chiswick I am definitely giving it a go!

Commute by bike
It’s 14 miles round-trip, and although an easy route that I take at a leisurely pace, it’s still an extra cardio workout. Plus it’s easy to meet up with Tom on the way home, or another friend for a cycle around Hyde Park, or venturing further afield, to Richmond Park. Now that the weather has improved (a little) I want to cycle to work as much as possible.Tom has also recently started to really enjoy cycling, so I am hoping that we can spend some more evenings and weekends doing long bike rides with him, and with other friends.

Go for a walk
Instead of getting the bus, walk. Meeting with friends for a coffee- walk to a coffee with them or walk whilst having a coffee. I am going to keep moving, rather than getting the bus or tube, if it’s close enough- weather permitting, I am going to walk instead.

How do you fit exercise into your life? Any other tips?

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  1. Sarah Elizabeth

    Totally agree! Thanks for the tips; I’m hitting a stressful slump, too. Needed the push to get it together.

    • Charlie

      No problem, glad you find them useful. I think everyone goes through a slump sometimes!

  2. Helen

    I’ve been going to the gym before work and I love it! My gym opens at 6.15 so it’s an early start but if I’m organised (prep my lunch and breakfast the night before, lay out my kit) I can be up and at ’em while most people are still in bed. I’m less enamoured with running early in the morning though although I really need to try to be. I just prefer running after eating whereas it’s easier to do fasted cardio in the gym in 10 minute bursts.

  3. Lexa

    Do a challenge. Right now I am doing a plank a day and building up my time daily. So if I miss out on a workout I still did something that takes minutes to complete.

    • Charlie

      That’s a great idea!! I’d love to complete a plank challenge someday!

  4. Sarah Marsden

    Absolutely love all these tips, super helpful to us busy bees! There are some in here I hadn’t thought of & will definitely try 🙂

    • Charlie

      Great, glad you found it helpful!!


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