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How to Find Local Race Events

Mar 20, 2022 | Race Recaps, Running

How to Find Local Race Events

I’ve been running a lot of races recently as a great way of helping with my marathon training, motivation, and most importantly for me – feeling like I’m part of the running community again. I’ve missed it so much! 

The races have been a mix of big well-known races like the NYC Half this weekend, and the Surrey Half, whilst others have been smaller local races like the Mapledurham 10. 

Races, big and small have suffered during the pandemic and signing up, sharing, encouraging others to sign up, volunteering is the perfect way of supporting them and ensuring that they’re able to happen next year and the year after. 

Plus it always helps to have a finish line (and medal) to get those miles in! 

I love using a long run as a training run – even better if I can start my long run directly from my house. I’ll check the local races against my training plan and see which ones I can make work. I know that races can be expensive, but often smaller, community races are cheaper and go into benefiting the local area – like the Nettlebed 10 I ran last year supporting the Primary School. 

How to Find Local Race Events

How to Find Local Race Events

Your Local Running Shop 

Often local running shops will have races advertised within the store, on their facebook pages and may even sponsor local events. Their staff are often a wealth of knowledge, so it’s always worth asking when youre next shopping! 

Running Clubs 

I found a lot of local events from my running club – small races I hadn’t heard of but were within 10 miles of my house! Even if you’re not a member of a running club, many of them will post upcoming events on their websites. If you are a member, then ask the fellow runners what they’ve got coming up, sign up to the email lists and facebook groups. 

Social Media

Whether you follow local runners, running groups, race companies or run clubs, Instagram and Facebook can be great tools for finding new running events in your local area. I follow runners in my area to see what they’re signing up for, and often get in touch with runners on social media when I travel to get their race suggestions – I love taking part in races when I travel too. 

Many running brands sponsor races and will help promote the events on their channels, likewise influencers will work with races/brands to share events – both races, free runs and classes. I saw Tina Muir posted about a run and meditation event this weekend in NYC that I would never have known of if she hadn’t shared. And I am going to do my best to share more on my social pages and emails too. 

How to Find Local Race Events

Flyers Around Town 

This may sound super simple but often the notice boards around town, as well as lampposts, village shops and local businesses may have signs up for local races. I know that currently there are signs up all around Henley for Run Fest Run! Back in the day you also might have found flyers in a race goody bag – they seem to be a thing of the past now – but I’ve come back to my car after races to find upcoming race adverts under the windshield. 

Email Lists 

Signing up to running club and running event organisers email lists are a great way to stay notified of upcoming events – they often have discount codes too. Local to me is a race event organiser that is involved in a number of events that I get emails about every couple of weeks, from the Dinton Park Summer Series to the Phantom Brewing 10K in Reading (Barnes Fitness for those in my area!) .  

Websites and Apps to Use to Find Local Race Events

Websites and Apps to Use to Find Local Race Events 

Personally I utilise a lot of race websites and Google to find events.

  • Lets Do This  This is often my go-to for running races, although they have rides, swims, obstacle course races and triathlon listings too. This is one of the few sites that have global events although is certainly not exhaustive. 
  • FInd a Race – a well organised, easy-to-navigate directory of UK races, duathlons, swims, rides and triathlons. 
  • Running in the USA – does what it says on the tin, US races of all distances. Also includes running tours and club events. I use this a lot when travelling or planning travel to the US!
  • Run Britain – a thorough list of British races, from 5k running to ultramarathons. 
  • – Not just participant events but sports events too! 

Other race finder websites; 

Race Roster

Race Find

Its Grim Up North Running

Race Raves 

Run Guides


Entry Central

Let me know what your fave places to find races?