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How I’m Getting My Running Mojo Back

Mar 5, 2014 | Lifestyle, Running | 4 comments

I’ve lost it. Not my mind, yet (although sometimes I feel it slipping away), but my running mojo. After the most ridiculously amazing training cycle for the New York Marathon and smashing my PB, I just haven’t been able to get back in to that happy running place in 2014.

My right knee and hip have been playing up over the last few months, I’m currently seeing a physio who is helping to make things feel better, as well as ‘fixing’ me for the long run. I have some ambitious marathon goals in September and further down the line, so I need to be in tip top shape to train hard this summer. 

Thinking of the near future, the Paris marathon is just 6 weeks away, and my training has been less than stellar. I need to up my game, as well as adjust my mental attitude towards running over the next few weeks to get me ready to toe the start line. Here’s how I’m getting my mind and body ready:

Signing up to Races

I went through the whole of January without racing once, and now I’ve signed myself up to race every weekend bar one in the run up to Paris. I am really excited about running the Surrey Half next weekend with Tom- his first half marathon, and the first time this event will be held. I am slightly worried that Tom might be uber fast and smash my current PB time.


Additionally I’m running the Wholefoods Breakfast run around Kingston, the same race that I used to complete my 22 miler during NYCM training. This time, however, I’ll just be completing the 8 miles and I’ll get to run it with friends rather than just Bridget Jones for company. The race is still open if you want to sign up. 
Running for a cause

When I ran my first marathon I was running to raise money for MIND in memory of my friend Vic. Whenever I didn’t want to run, or wanted to quit mid way through a 18 miler, I would think of him and keep pushing forwards. Whilst I’m not raising money for the Paris marathon, (or any of my other races), I will be thinking about my friend Leah’s boyfriend who recently lost part of his leg during a cancer battle. They are currently trying to raise money to buy him a prosthetic that will allow him to walk again, and hopefully, run again in the future. If you’d like to donate to this awesome cause, or spare a thought for Paul during your next run, please do. You can find out more info on his Just Giving page.

Leah and I aged 18 at a fancy dress party, pretty sure the theme was ‘I wish I was’

Taking Classes

 During my NYC marathon training I took a lot of exercise classes, and tried out a lot of new fitness trends. This kept me interested, motivated and worked different muscles during each class. I tried out a new spinning studio, Psycle, a few weeks ago and have fallen in love with this fast paced, feel good workout.


It is unlike any spinning class I’ve taken before (it starts with clapping), the music and instructors are awesome, and whilst you leave with an ‘I’ve worked hard’ feeling, it’s not the ‘my thighs are burning and I may never walk properly again’ sensation that puts me off spinning during marathon training. I cannot recommend Psycle enough and am hoping to add a class to my weekly schedule- the only downside is the £20 classes (birthday wish list I think!)


I’m also back at my beloved Speedflex, providing much needed weight training during this marathon cycle without the threat of DOMS. It means there are a lot of early starts during the week but for me it feels well worth it.
The ability to download lots of new music to run to really appeals to me. I keep adding songs to Tom’s playlist as motivation to get to the gym or out on the pavement to sing along (silently) to Pharrell  ‘Clap along if you know what happiness is to you’.
Running with Others

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again- I love running with other people. Whether it’s pushing them to finish a half marathon, or getting encouragement from them that I can run faster. This training cycle I’ve completed a lot of my long runs with others, but not my midweek runs. This week I’ve arranged to meet up with one of the Runner’s World team for a lunchtime run, and Steph for an early morning river jaunt. No excuses. 



Happy to run with Haile anytime he wants…

How to you get your mind and body ready to run? Any advice that I can take on board? 


  1. Weight Wars

    I read people like you when I need inspiration. Even when you’re struggling with your mojo it makes me realise I’m not alone and everyone goes through these things.

    • Charlie

      Thank you for your awesome comment!!

  2. Lauren (@poweredbypb)

    I’ve been through similar funks a few times after training cycles, definitely signing up for races and having goals to aim for helps. I also like to go without any technology for a few runs and just run to enjoy it, rather than push myself for certain times/intervals/miles etc

  3. Jon Paul Kearns

    I am going through the same and did my first race last weekend and no looking forward to my next the mojo isn’t fully there yet but it is getting there and you have just helped it that little bit more thankyou


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