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Hot Bikram Yoga

Nov 20, 2012 | Uncategorized | 2 comments

Last week my friend EJ and I signed up for a 20 days of beginner Bikram yoga at the Fulham Hot Bikram Yoga centre.

I had tried one Bikram yoga class a number of years ago and couldn’t believe how much I sweated, but couldn’t remember much about the actual yoga moves.

We got there early for our first class, although it took us a while to find a space to leave our shoes and bags. Apparently the Monday evening class is the busiest of the week. They weren’t wrong! When we walked into the yoga room, we were shocked to see about 50 mats laid out across the floor, and most of them were already full!

We found two mats together at the front, put our towels out and lay down. However, when the instructor asked if there were any newbies in the class, he swiftly moved us from the front to the second row.

we arrived much earlier for our second class!

I found myself sweating before the class even started! Once it started though I really started to feel the heat. The moves however, weren’t too fast moving. I enjoyed most of them, and found that some of the moves I was better at than others. I made sure to drink a lot of water throughout the class to keep hydrated, although our instructor recommended not drinking for the first 25 minutes to help your body adjust to the temperature.

I found my hips and quads were really tight, and so found the moves needed flexibility in these places were quite tough. Luckily my balance is quite good, so I found the balancing moves not as challenging. That’s not to say they weren’t all pretty tough. I am very inflexible, and found my position in some moves quite worrying.

I have only been to one other class since the first class, and found that some of the moves are already easier! I really need to work on my flexibility, plus my doctor has said my headaches might improve my including yoga into my regime.

Each class is 1hr and a half, and includes some time and the beginning and the end to just breathe and relax. Something that is definitely missing from my life!

Sweaty photo taken on my way home after the first class

I found it really cleansing to sweat out the toxins of the weekend, so think that Bikram might be a good Monday night activity, despite the busy class. I was supposed to go to another class tonight but haven’t been feeling on top form the last couple of days so decided to give it a miss. Need to go again soon to make the most of my 20 day subscription!


  1. Amanda - RunToTheFinish

    i have done outdoor yoga a lot in miami and i always tell myself that is bikram 🙂 it gets pretty sweaty. good reminder i need more yoga in my week!

    • Charlie

      Wow, yeah it must be hot out in Miami! Probably way nicer doing it outside than in a hot, smelly room!


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