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H&M Conscious Beauty

Apr 14, 2016 | Kit, Lifestyle | 1 comment

After telling you all that H&M Make Up was one of my March favourites, I thought I’d expand a little more and tell you all about the H&M Conscious Beauty range that I stumbled upon when I went into the shop to buy the blusher and eyeliner.

I was immediately struck buy how smart the packaging was, it looked way more expensive than it was. It’s all organic and eco conscious, something I’m becoming more and more aware about, and prioritising when it comes to purchasing products.

H&M Conscious Beauty

My first purchase was the handwash in White Tea and Peppermint (£5.99), I just absolutely loved the packaging, and thought it would look great in our bathroom. I don’t know if they have a matching hand lotion, I couldn’t find one in the Cardiff shop, but I think these look a little similar to the cowshed products that they have in the Soho House bathrooms. Obviously I’m trying to emulate them in my small bathroom (with a whale shower curtain – it’s all class!). It smells really fresh and clean, lathers up into a nice foam and isn’t drying.

H&M conscious beauty

Another product I picked up was the Gentle deodorant (£4.99). The only thing I have to say about this, other than I love the packaging size and the fact that it’s organic aloe vera and fragranced with essential oils, is that it’s a little too gentle on hard exercise days for me. It’s cute, and good for travelling but not hardworking enough so I probably wouldn’t buy this again.

One of my favourite purchases was the dry shampoo (£6.99). It’s a powder, which is a bit of a bummer (side note- did anyone else use talcum powder before the invention of Batiste?), but it smells amazing. The peppermint helps make your hair smell clean, even if it’s sweaty. I’ve been double teaming it with my brunette Batiste to cover the obvious dry shampoo smell. It doesn’t make you look grey like many white dry shampoos do – winner.

H&M conscious beauty

The final item I bought was the Relaxing perfume oil (£7.99). I really want to get into essential oils more, using the ‘right’ ones in the morning and evening to help invigorate me or help me sleep (can you tell I’m trying this coming off a horrible migraine night’s sleep – seriously awake since 3am!)

I’ve been using this Jojoba, grapeseed and rosemary oil most evenings on my palms and neck – it’s probably not the most high quality perfume oil but it does the job. And I love that it’s organic.

H&M conscious beauty

Have you tried any of H&M’s beauty or make up ranges? What do you think? I have been wearing my brown eyeliner nearly every day since buying it! 

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  1. Steph

    I love the sound of the peppermint dry shampoo, though I can imagine I would get it everywhere. I am trying to make more of an effort to go cruelty free in my make up choices, but it’ll eventually turn into toiletries too.


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