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Hey Runner, It’s OK if…

Jul 24, 2015 | Running | 15 comments

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One of my favourite pages in Glamour magazine is the ‘Hey, it’s OK’ page, so I thought I’d create one for us runners!

Hey Runner, It’s OK if….

To run around the block until your Garmin hits a full mile but to stop your run at exactly your distance even if you have to walk the rest of the way home in the rain.

To pay £90 for a pair of patterned leggings but feel reluctant to spend £40 on a sports bra that you’ll wear to death.

To justify a massive donut or burger and fries because hey you ran today, but have a super strict pre-race meal

To spend far longer getting to a race than you actually spend running it.

To use a morning run as an excuse to eat multiple breakfasts. Yes you have now consumer triple the calories that you burned- who cares.

To complain about race fees, then grumble about lack of goody bag, loos and medals at cheaper races.

To run back and forth on one flat stretch for a fast run, but to think the treadmill is far too boring.

To choose a destination race but then be so worried about ruining your legs for your full or half marathon that you don’t actually explore the city properly.

Kuala Lumpur twin towers
To Instagram a run just to prove it happened.

To check the medal situation before signing up for a race, no matter what the course is like.

To smugly think about how far you ran while fighting for a seat on your commute.

To call your in-shower stretch an adequate cool down.

To have a bigger supply of sports kit than work clothes.

To preface any distance or speed with ‘only’ but secretly think you’re pretty badass.

To instantly forget the pain of a marathon the moment you cross the finish line!

What are your ‘hey it’s OK moments?


  1. philbranigan

    My ‘hey it’s OK moment’ is it’s OK to get a little bit lost as it adds to the adventure and experience of running free

  2. Sian david

    It’s ok to use running as an excuse to put other jobs off- but, I need to train.
    To use the word ‘training’ and feel like an athlete.

  3. Laura

    It’s ok to not know your V02 max or what it stands for

  4. Georgina

    To justify pizza as “essential carb-loading” the night before a race!

    To complain about the fact you “have to run” all day, decide you’re not going to go, then go anyway.

  5. Heather Iacobacci-Miller

    LOL love this! And it’s so true – doing speedwork on a stretch of the road back and forth back and forth but it is SOOOO much better than the dreadmill!

  6. lalaforte

    All of this, yes.

    I would also say, feel a little guilty about purchasing shoes that cost $50 but not bat an eye on the price of new running trainers.

  7. Nicole

    I always preface any distance with “only”! 😉 Partly because I fear non-runners thinking I’m trying to brag. Also, it’s okay if you use your runs as an excuse to get out of socializing with people you don’t want to see (“Sorry, I need to get this run in!”)

  8. kristenk

    Hahaha I love this! I think it’s okay if you eat like crap after a half marathon – you earned it! 🙂

  9. Corey @ Learning Patience

    LOL Great Post girl. I love reading things like this…so, so, so true. And I have the perfect one to add…Due to todays never ending downpour in London…… It’s OK if you were supposed to complete a 12mile long run but push it till tomorrow and then go to a Foodie Festival instead. 🙂

    xoxo from London

  10. Ana

    It’s OK that most of my t-shirts are all sweat wicking instead of something sensible like cotton. And use them at work, shrugging like nothing else was clean.

  11. fionajarrett

    Guilty as charged! It’s also okay to park in a spot as near to the race start as you can because you’re too lazy to want to walk any distance to the start line.

  12. James @ HalfMarathonJames

    I did that in Barcelona, beautiful city from what I saw, but I rested before the marathon and wasn’t fit to walk anywhere after. I think I’ll book a week’s holiday on the next far flung race I do..

  13. runningprincess78

    Love this! I think you just captured my life 🙂
    Mine would be: it’s ok to spend £100 on running shoes that will probably only last a few months but then get upset at spending £40 on suitable shoes for work.
    It’s ok to record every run on Garmin/Strava etc otherwise it didn’t happen.

    • charlotte

      Haha YES!!


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