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Healthy Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mar 10, 2015 | Lifestyle | 2 comments

Although flowers, chocolates and cards tell your Mum you haven’t forgotten her, they are not very original (unlike my homemade smarties tube lipstick holder or loo roll earring holder from year’s back!) My Mum is always saying the best gift is spending time with her, and earns me lots of brownie points. Luckily, my Mum is usually up for anything, and is happy to get involved with anything and almost everything I suggest. Although the idea that she comes to watch Tom and I run the North London half  on Mother’s Day didn’t go down as well as I thought 🙂

spectating disney half

Take her to a class with you 

My Mum does weekly Pilates classes, so either joining a class at her regular studio, trying a new one or taking her to one near me is a great option. Last summer we both tried out reformer Pilates at Ten Pilates. She could hardly walk up the stairs after but I think she had a great time! If money is tight, why not try a free Sweaty Betty class together.

Get her a subscription

What about treating your Mum to a magazine subscription that she would enjoy, or a healthy snack box? I bought my Mum a weekly Graze box a few years ago for her birthday and each year I just renew it as she loves it so much!

Try a workshop or course 

When I told my Mum about Eat and Think’s nutrition course, she really wanted to come with me, although sadly she already had plans. Do you have anything that you’re both really interested in or want to learn more about? Why not plan a weekend, day or evening course to take together. Or if you can’t do it together, take it simultaneously to give you both something fun to talk about. My Mum and I have got our eye on a phone photography trip around London in the coming months.


healthy mother's day ideas

Sign up for a race 

Does your Mum run, cycle, swim? How about signing up for a race together, or do a relay triathlon? Mum and I cycled the Bedford cycletta last summer which was a lot of fun, and I’ll be cheering my Mum, Step-dad and sister-in-law on in a relay this August!

Cook a healthy meal 

Cook your Mum a healthy meal, and finish with this delicious vegan blueberry cheesecake.

Take her to work 

This is a funny one, but in the March issue of Good Housekeeping (where I used to work) we all brought our Mum’s along to be in a photoshoot with us and share one of their recipes. I asked my Mum to tell us a little about her experience on a Good Housekeeping photoshoot…

Inside an old warehouse, up well-worn concrete stairs, through a warren of corridors we turned into a busy studio where two make up artists were busy with one of the Mum & Daughter Duos while the hair stylists were fluffing up another Mum prior to her shoot with her pride and joy. The GH Cookery Team were lovely and welcoming, and when I arrived they were busy with mixing, rolling and baking the recipes ready for the camera. Everyone had clearly been working hard since nine, yet no-one sighed when the last Parent (me!) walked in.

What was interesting was the level of detail and planning that went in to the shoot for this magazine feature. Four A4 sheets of closely typed instructions detailing colour themes, props, timings, atmosphere and ‘the look’ that was being aimed for kept everyone on track. Despite the apparent mess on every available surface, the machine was clearly well-oiled and well fuelled by delicious raspberry brownies and tea! I was sent to try on my outfit; blue was the theme, and there was a rack bursting with tops in varying shades of blue. 

I worked my way through the size 8 fluffy numbers, the size 10 silky numbers and the size 12 lacy numbers. I wasn’t allowed the fab, on-trend stripy Joules jumper because, obviously, that had been nabbed already by my daughter! Eventually, I found a lovely fitted top which enhanced my blue eyes, or so everyone said, and then wished I had brought a selection of necklaces to fill the gap you will see in the March edition. But it was my first photo shoot and I’ll know better next time – stylist’s own and all that!

Soon it was our turn in front of Gareth’s lens. The artfully broken egg and carefully scattered flour created a homely kitchen feel in this all white studio, and while Charlie and I tried to make hilarious conversation standing far too close to each other for comfort, the camera snapped away. Rolling the cookie dough into even balls without looking is a skill I should have practised before my moment of fame; I hope you don’t notice the enormous sphere I am moulding!

‘It’s a wrap’ and within half an hour, the cookies were boxed, the dishes washed and everything put away ready for another busy day tomorrow. What a fun opportunity to ‘Take your Mum to Work’ and make her day – thanks, GH Cookery Team!

To see the full shoot, check out the March issue of GH. Photos by Gareth Morgans.

GOod Housekeeping mag shoot

What are you planning for your Mother on Mothering Sunday? I’d love to hear your most successful flower-free ideas!


  1. Scallywag (@ScallywagSprint)

    This is a cute idea! My mum is actually away this weekend but she loves to cycle and, since its looking like spring out, we will probably go a cycle another day!

  2. Jas

    I’m visiting for the weekend and we’ll do the usual – a long walk in the country with a picnic and some nice white wine!


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