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Healthy Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Feb 10, 2015 | Lifestyle | 6 comments

alternative 25 date ideasThis Valentine’s Day isn’t going to be the most romantic, however I do know it will be a lot of fun, which suits me fine. Our day will start with a marathon training run, followed by an enormous breakfast cooked at home, then we’re off to Twickenham to watch the Six Nations game!

I love going on dates with Tom, especially when we can tailor the date to be a little on the healthier side. I remember when we first started ‘dating’ and we ate lots and drank lots! Now, although we’ll occasionally go for a cocktails or a nice drink together, we often try to make our date nights a little more exciting. (Yes I count the cinema as exciting!)

Here’s a list of healthy dates that I’ve been on, or got on my idea list!

  • Rock climbing – We loved doing a private class this summer at The Westway.
  • Park Run followed by brunch (V day is handily on a Saturday this year!)
  • Take a healthy cooking class- I’d love to take Tom to Recipease, or another similar class
  • Indoor golfing (or outdoor), or visit the driving range- I really want to take some lessons
  • Take a spin class together
  • Hire Boris bikes and cycle around (or hire a bike if you don’t live in London!)
  • Go on a running, walking or cycling tour of your city or a new city


  • Go hiking
  • Explore a local National Trust property, or National Park
  • Cook a healthy recipe together
  • Go for a day at the spa (Tom had his first massage in St Lucia a few months ago, and told me how much he’d like another one after his long runs!)
  • Take a dance lesson (OK I 100% would never do this with Tom, but others might enjoy it!)
  • Check out a museum or art gallery that you haven’t been to before. The Imperial War Museum and the British Transport Museum are on both of our hit lists.
  • Be a tourist- do something touristy in your city, if you’re in London- how about The London Eye, climbing the 02 or visiting The Shard viewing platform.
  • Complete a race together!

Mens health survival of the fittest

  • Visit your local farmer’s market and shop for a meal together, or just enjoy lunch/breakfast at one of the stalls.
  • Learn to roller ski!
  • Or try your hand at roller blading/skate boarding!
  • Go to a Karaoke booth, just skip the numerous cocktails that you may need or want in order to get you up to the microphone.
  • Good, clean fun at the Bowling Alley.
  • Book a PT session together. (I’ve said this year all I want for V day is a PT session and for England to win the rugby!)
  • Take a boat ride- either along a river, pedalo on the a lake, or in the sea. If it’s under your own power then even better.
  • Book a table at a healthy restaurant, I’m desperate to try Pure Taste, a new Paleo restaurant in London.
  • Go to the theatre- you can get some great, cheap deals, just skip the interval drinks!
  • Take a self defence or boxing class, it burns a hell of a sweat and you learn something useful!
  • Play squash, or tennis- if you don’t know how, then what about booking a lesson?

What are you getting up to this Valentine’s Day? Obviously these aren’t just great V day dates, they would make fun date nights or activities year round!


  1. Lucy

    Me and Glen are going to the Triathlon Show/ The Bike Show at the London Excel- hopefully picking up some triathlon/cycling kit and accessories! It’s on Friday-Sunday so a good option for a sporty Valentines weekend!

  2. Kathy_QN

    The London Transport Museum is excellent! And, I love to cook in for Valentine’s Day, much more fun.

  3. Nicole

    This is great. I feel like so many holidays have turned into healthful ones. Me and my bf are fitness fiends, and I think this chockfull of good ideas!

  4. Bryanna

    I love these ideas!! A great way to beat the crowds at all the local restaurants too. These sound much more fun and spontaneous and appealing. Next order of business is finding someone to watch the wee little one.

  5. eastendrunner

    A Jack the Ripper walking tour followed by a (not-so-healthy) curry!

  6. charlotte

    I love these ideas! Definitely good for any date. I worked during the day yesterday (partly on your project!) and then my fiance and I spent a cozy night in. I want to try rock climbing and taking a healthy cooking class with him!


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