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Health and Fitness Trends for 2018

Dec 27, 2017 | Lifestyle, Reviews, Running, Wellness | 3 comments

This post is in collaboration with Robinsons.

Health and Fitness trends for 2018

It’s nearly January (whaaat!?) which means that there will be an influx of people in your local gym, more runners out on the roads and longer lines at Whole Foods as people make healthy living and fitness New Year’s resolutions. How many will still be there in March? Who knows… but for those of us that stick it out month on month, year on year, here are a few of the Fitness and wellness trends I think we can look forward to in 2018…

  • Fitness with a conscience

No longer will we just be looking at what the latest athleisure trend, I think we’ll be looking more about where the materials, labour etc was sourced. The Adidas Parley shoes, made from ocean plastic, were a huge success last year and I don’t think these will be the last. Whether it’s clothes from recycled material, organic cotton, or supporting local economies, I think/hope we become more aware of where our active wear is coming from over the next year.

  • Less Boozing

I’ve partnered with Robinsons to share my list of top Health and Fitness trends to look out for in 2018 and let you guys know all about the new Robinsons Fruit Creations, a squash for grown-ups (they’re also released Fruit Cordials but this post isn’t about them and I haven’t tried them yet…I can’t wait!).  Tom and I tried both the pictured Rich Pear, Blackcurrant and Cherry and Zesty Orange and Mango flavours. We both agreed they were incredibly refreshing and summery tasting, a very nice reminder of the warmer months (I’m wrote this as the snow dumped in Oxfordshire in December!). Robinsons worked with flavour experts to mix together the very best fruit combinations. Personally, I preferred the Zesty Orange and Mango Fruit Creations whilst Tom preferred the Rich Pear, Blackcurrant and Cherry – I’m not a fan of cherry flavoured things which may have swayed my opinion.

Health and Fitness trends for 2018

As with all Robinsons products, these are no-added sugar, are made using real fruit and have zero artificial colours or flavourings, ideal to drink in December to balance out the party season or in January as part of any healthy re-boots. I like my squash quite weak, so like the fact that new Robinsons Fruit Creations are double the fruit within a single concentrate – it also means the bottle lasts twice as long. I’m super keen to try the Apple and Elderflower version next! I think it would make a great warming drink on the cold winter nights or post-snowy run!

Health and Fitness trends for 2018

The thing I’ve struggled with most in this switch to a healthier lifestyle, is that so much of my downtime with friends is revolved around alcohol. I hate being hungover (and I struggle with hangovers badly!) and have significantly lowered by alcohol tolerance over the years but don’t want to seem like a party pooper or not be invited out for drinks. It’s a dilemma that I feel more and more aware of… any suggestions for this are welcome.

Luckily, as we saw in 2017, there was a rise in non-booze socialising, whether that was an active date night, bonding over Artisan coffee or enjoying a workout class and smoothies, it seems that going out and getting hammered isn’t as ‘cool’ as it once seemed. I think this trend will continue to grow in 2018, with more non-alcoholic drinks and bars popping up, and gatherings centered around activities rather than just propping up the bar at the local pub.

We could even start this trend early by making some great non-alcoholic cocktails for your Christmas parties using Robinsons Fruit Creations, like these!

Health and Fitness trends for 2018

  • Together…

Although we’re all so much more connected these days thanks to social media, I actually think (hope) that 2018 is the year that we come back together to do things IN REAL LIFE. Whether that’s joining a running club (like the ones on offer at Mile 27 coffee shop seen in the pic below), meeting up with a friend for a weekly workout class, joining a group fitness challenge or book club. I truly believe that loneliness and FOMO (fear of missing out), especially in the dark winter months, is a negative side effect of social media, and so I think stepping away from the screen and socialising will help address loneliness and mental health issues. Feeling down, alone, anxious….talk about it! Enjoy coffee (or Fruit Creations Squash), or go for run with a friend.

Health and Fitness trends for 2018

  • Rest and Recovery

Sleep, rest and recovery (and napping!) are going to be even bigger in 2018 than 2017. With pods popping up in London that allow you to book in for a 30-60min plus power nap, a focus on wellness retreats over weightloss bootcamps and the importance of self-care being preached everywhere (Google reported that self-care searches are 25% higher in 2017 than 2016) …this is the year to look after your body. Whether that’s focusing on a bedtime routine and plenty of sleep, stopping the habit of overcommitting and clearing your diary every once in a while, or switching off from the online world on a more regular basis.

  • Collagen Protein

Protein powder has grown with popularity over the years, although I have to admit, I’ve never fully jumped on the bandwagon. However, I have started using Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides post run mixed into my coffee, and I don’t hate it. SarahFit did a great post on her experience with collagen peptides, and as someone who is hitting 30 in 2018, I am all about helping my skin, joints and digestion stay as young as possible, lol. Collagen production in the body naturally slows down as we age, and is exacerbated by lifestyle factors such as sun exposure, smoking and a diet high in sugar (another reason the Robinson’s no added sugar Fruit Creations is great!). Collagen reduction and depletion contribute to signs of ageing and joint pain due to weakening cartilage – not what we want as runners/fitness lovers! And collagen proteins double up to help with muscle recovery, feelings of satiety etc that you get from other protein sources.

  • Reality vs Instagram

Yes, I’m going on again about social media, but I think it will continue to grow in 2018. However, Instagram has seen a move away from the perfectly curated life and an increase in real life sharing. On a personal note, I’ve found that it’s the posts where I’m most real, honest and open (especially about my anxiety and mental health struggles) that has the highest engagement, and I really hope this continues. The pressure to share your ‘best life’ in beautifully curated square photos is all to real for influencers and non-influencers alike, and I’d really like to see more honesty. ON that note, lets make 2018 the year we talk about mental health more, lets be raw, open and vulnerable either to those we love, or anonymously behind the screen – talking about my anxiety has helped me so much, and I hope it can be of benefit to others too.

Health and Fitness trends for 2018

  • Ski ergs, rowers and versa climbers.

Yes they’re all staples in a well stocked gym but I think we’re going to see more fitness classes centred around these badboys. My mental rehab PT, Harvey, seems to be obsessed with ski erg challenges and once you’ve seen his (and his fellow ski erg fans) six packs, you might be inspired to jump on one! Partaking in his extreme 100km challenges is optional.

Health and Fitness trends for 2018

  • Turmeric and Moringa

Chances are you’ve read/seen/heard all about the anti-inflammatory properties of Turmeric, but have you heard of Moringa? Its the new superfood on the block, although, as with many of these things, has been used in herbal medicines for years. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory, which boasts high levels of Vitamin A, C and E, plus potassium and calcium.

I’ve also read that Moringa leaf powder has been successful in reducing glucose and lipid levels in diabetic patients, helping to lower blood sugar level and cholesterol, which could be huge considering Diabetes is going to continue putting a massive strain on the NHS for years to come.

Apparently it also has blood clotting properties, and can help protect the liver against oxidation and damage, just don’t exceed the 1/2-1tsp a day recommendation, as it’s also known for its laxative properties!

A few other things to look out for;

  • Nut yogurt… apparently it’s going to be the new diary free fad!
  • A focus on lunar activity to influence your daily life… count me out of this one I’m afraid
  • Mashup workout classes will, Piloxing; a mix of Boxing and Pilates.
  • Healthy pet food, so your dog can #eatclean …on that note, I’m hoping 2018 is the year we get a dog, hint hint Tom!
  • Sticking with the pet theme, workouts that involve your pet and family are set to grow next year
  • Intermittent fasting as a new weightless and wellbeing diet… I’m going to opt out of this one too, thanks.

What’s going to be big for you in 2018? What are your goals? Are you going to be trying any of the fitness/wellness trends above?


  1. Jub Bryant

    It’ll be interesting to reflect on these this time next year. I definitely think the social aspect of running will expand, would love to find people to run with…but hard when travelling.

    Moringa -> can’t say I’ve heard of this one, but shall look into it. Pro tip: if you travel with turmeric, triple wrap that stuff…it spreads like wildfire in the backpack :/

    Intermittent fasting -> LOVE LOVE LOVE this. Have been doing it pretty consistently for a year or two now and it makes life so much easier. Less choices to make and the transition is pretty quick to where it becomes a norm 🙂

    My goal is simply to keep running consistently since getting into a rhythm in mid-October. I’d also like to try a month 48 – 72 hour fast, Tim Ferriss style. Oh and eat less bread. God damn it’s everywhere in Eastern Europe

  2. Cindy

    Hmm, no on the nut yogurt due to allergies, no on the lunar activity, I could go for some Piloxing, my cat is so picky I’m not sure how he’d do with that although one of his foods is 75% chicken, also can’t really see involving him in a workout either ?, and IF sounds good intellectually but I’m always so hungry in the morning!

    As far as the drinking goes, I just don’t most of the time. I think it is definitely different for me as I don’t have friends or a social circle ? so I’m not really presented with peer pressure or situations with alcohol. The very few times that I’ve been out with groups of people no one has ever said anything about my choice to not drink (or drink of I choose to). I usually have *a* drink because I’m a lightweight and any more will make me feel ill. Also, if I had to choose I’d rather eat ice cream or pizza over drinking my calories. ?

  3. Kristi

    I just did a hot core weights class, which is yoga/weights/core exercises. I’m still hurting two days later. And Houston has a very popular class that I’ve been wanting to try…goat yoga. Little baby goats sit on you as you do yoga. My cousin and a few friends did and loved it. Also, there is a group called Yoga and Hops where they do yoga at various breweries in Houston (and also at sporting events), but they have now started yoga and hops and dogs. It’s pretty cool. Although, I’m not sure I will be able to get Remi to do yoga with me. He’s going to need to be right by my face when I do anything.


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