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Half Marathon Goals for 2013

Nov 26, 2012 | Running | 5 comments

I have two running goals for 2013….

1. Start running again
2. Run a sub 2.10 half marathon (I’d love to run a sub 2 hour half one day!!)

I started looking for a half marathon in March which would give me a couple of months to train, but not too long to overthink it. I am also crossing my fingers for nice weather. Last year I ran two half marathons in March on beautiful sunny days! What a surprise for England!

My current half marathon PR is 2.11 from the Portsmouth Half. I ran 2.15 in both the Bath Half and Marlow Half- but both of those were hillier than I was expecting. The Bath half was also very warm, with people passing out on the course sidelines.

With the avoidance of hills and a PR in mind, I have signed up for the Adidas Silverstone Half- a course that is guaranteed to be flat!

Whilst last year’s half marathons were used as training runs for the real thing, I am really focusing on training to run faster in this half.
For my marathon training I used Hal Higdon’s novice plan and loved it, so am planning on following another Hal this time around. If it ain’t broke…
These have been replaced!

This time around I am going to go for the intermediate programme though, which include speed training!!! Slightly scary, plus I think I’ll have to do it on a treadmill as I am not good at keeping my pace when outside. Seriously, everytime I look at my garmin it shows a completely different number!!

Here is what my half marathon training plan looks like;

Monday: PowerPlates and Bikram Yoga
Tuesday: 3-5 mile run
Wednesday: Speed session and BodyPump
Thursday: 3mile run and PowerPlates
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Pace run
Sunday: Long run

Things might change a little in the upcoming weeks, especially on a weds where I may well do a circuit training routine or something similar instead of BodyPump, or I might get totally bored of the whole thing and mix it up completely. Who knows!
With a half marathon on the 3rd March, it means my training should start when I am on holiday over Christmas which is probably not going to happen. I am going to take my running shoes with me and just do my best to keep active while I’m away!


  1. orangengreen

    I am running the Silverstone half too!

    Let me know if you need a training buddy at any time, I have a feeling I will need it if January/February ends up being as dreary as they can be…

    Good luck!

    • Charlie

      That sounds great! I’m sure I will love a buddy once the runs get longer!

    • orangengreen

      Awesome, I’m slowly getting the mileage up. So cold here right now isn’t it?

  2. Anonymous

    You should chat to a few local running clubs and maybe go along to a session or two with each. They’ll help you loads with the interval and pacing, and you get to run safely with others on winter nights. I always thought I was too slow for a runing club, but my club in the North east, Tyne Bridge harriers, has 5 groups and really supports beginners. Worth a try 🙂 Good luck with your running 🙂

    • Charlie

      Thanks, I went to a few of the Boutique Sport and Nike run clubs, but do need to get back into a running groups. At the moment I am mostly running with friends rather than a group!


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