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Ready to Race Again

Apr 19, 2017 | life updates, Lifestyle | 10 comments

Hackney Half Marathon and 5.5K

How long does it take after crossing the finish line before you start thinking of your next race?

For me it depends on how well the race has gone, how much pain I was in and what the outcome is. There were moments during the Boston Marathon where I swore I would never run again, let alone another marathon.

And yet, here I am already planning on what I’m going to do in order to earn my BQ and come back to run Boston again. I can see why people come back here year after year, the atmosphere on race weekend really is like no other marathon out there.

Hackney Half Marathon and 5.5K

Hackney Half Marathon and 5.5K

I’m running/hobbling the London Marathon this weekend with Tom (anyone know how to meet up with someone who’s in a different start to you, or whether you can switch start areas?) I have the Tokyo marathon prioritised for next year to complete all six World Marathon Majors before I’m 30. I know that is probably not going to be a BQ although I’m going to work my ass off to make it a PB.

But a BQ is firmly in my sights, and I’m thinking about perhaps the Berlin Marathon 2018. It’s where my current 3.49 PB is from back in 2014.

However, in the meantime I’ve got some shorter races in my sights, including the Virgin Hackney festival of fitness the weekend after the London marathon. As well as the Half Marathon, there’s also a 5.5K race which Tom and I are running together in partnership with Virgin Sport.

Why to run the hackney half marathon

Hackney 5.5K

5.5 Reasons to Run the Hackney 5.5K 

  • It’s an automatic PB. 5.5K is an unusual distance, which means it’s probably the first time any of us have raced it; default personal best!
  • Run it together. It’s a great distance that anyone can complete, a perfect race to do with your friends and family. There’s also a buy 1 get 1 free entry system so you can surprise your best friend with a free bib, or split the cost with your partner. Alternatively you could tackle the half marathon then support your friends running the 5.5K (or vice versa). Everyone is welcome at the races!
  • No early start. With a 1.45 race start you can still enjoy your Sunday lie in before the race, enjoy a carb fuelled breakfast while reading the papers or enjoy one of East London’s finest brunch spots. Alternatively, if you live miles from Hackney like me, it gives you plenty of time to get to the race start, even with the Sunday trains.
  • Stretch it out. There are two post race Fat Buddha Yoga sessions in the festival village to ensure you don’t wake up on Bank Holiday Monday with stiff legs. (Or you could warm up with a pre race HIIT or dance class).
  • Add some bling to your bank holiday with the race medal and t-shirt. I love a good medal!

Plus you’ll earn your post-race beer. With DJs and bands performing along the route, food & drinks on offer to enjoy after your run and the day off work on the Monday, it’s the perfect way to spend your bank holiday weekend. #balance

Entry to the races closes today (April 19th) if you’ve been inspired by the marathons over the past few weeks, are training for a longer race or just want a great active weekend then join me and sign up today! The Half marathon costs whilst you can get two entries to the 5.5K for £25.

Who else is racing that weekend? Already signed up to the Festival of Fitness or another race? 

Hackney Half Marathon and 5.5K


  1. Amy

    Good luck this weekend Charlie, I hope you don’t end up hobbling round! I don’t have any runs lined up this weekend but I hope to get out with Hubby later on today for a quick run.

  2. Joanne

    Wow – Boston to London, that’s impressive. Good luck! I’ve got a 5K in my sights in a couple weeks, but it’s time to start searching out a half eeeeeek

  3. healthyhappierbear

    A co-worker of mine has done Boston and Big Sur every year for the past 10 years and a few times Big Sur ended up being a strong a race than Boston. It’s crazy what the body can do when you least expect it! I have no doubt you’ll find a PB race sooner than later! 🙂 Have a wonderful trip back and have os much fun running with Tom this weekend!

  4. Nicole

    two marathons in 10 days?! ahhhh

  5. Helen

    I’m running London for the first time on Sunday! Can’t wait! Apparently you can’t switch start zones but they combine at mile 3 and some people meet up there, although that would probably mean hanging around a bit at that point which isn’t ideal! Good luck!! xx

  6. Becca Jones

    Are you both in the same colour start? If so you can both go to the slower of your two starts and run together from there. If you’re in different colours It’s more tricky. The course comes together at around 4 miles I think so you could arrange a meet at a mile marker. You’d need to be a lot more concerned about running together than running for time though. Have fun!

  7. Sian

    What is a BQ for your age group?

    • charlotte

      Sub 3.35!!

  8. Erin

    Ya’ll are so cute in the pictures. 🙂 Reminds me of my running buddies. I ran my last marathon the first weekend in March. I didn’t run hard, but a marathon, by default, is hard. I am ready to run shorter races, even race a 5k or 6k all out. I don’t think I could sludge through a Marathon right now though and definitely could not a week or two out from the race.


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