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Gym Confessions

Oct 4, 2013 | Uncategorized | 11 comments

Whilst at the gym yesterday, I began thinking of all of the embarrassing, and awkward situations I find myself in and decided that I’d share some of them with you. As well as stories from some friends to hopefully make some of you laugh this Friday morning (or smile knowingly!)

  • Yesterday I went to my gym twice. Once to get changed and use the lockers, then left. Once to shower, get ready for a night out, then left.
Pretty sparkly shoes that are not gym appropriate!
  • I often blow dry my sweaty hair and beetroot red face with the hairdryer on cold to try and cool/dry myself. (I’ve also been informed by an anonymous friend that she once tried to blow dry her bum with cold air to stop sweating!) Oh and dry shampoo is my best friend, I hardly ever have time to wash my hair after a class, except spinning when it’s a must!

  • After my first Body Attack class, I vomited when I got home. (Same after my first park bootcamp- I used to be so unfit!)
I also take embarrassing selfies in the mirrors at the gym!
  • My old yoga teacher used to shout at me for being so inflexible, and say infront of the whole class, ‘This move is a nightmare for you’. Er, yes it was. Maybe that’s why I dislike yoga so much!

  • I’ve done a pilates class in the EXACT same Sweaty Betty outfit as another gym goer. I was tempted to leave when I walked into the class and noticed. Pattern leggings are not inconspicuous.

  • I was once asked by a teacher, infront of the whole spin class, if I was having an epileptic fit. Clearly I looked like I was really struggling.

  • I once had to buy a gym branded top as I’d forgotten mine and really wanted to go to a class. I’ve also had a friend that has run with her dress tucked into leggings after forgetting her top!

  • On that note, I’ve had to wear trainers to work after forgetting my work shoes. Running shoes and skinny jeans do NOT look good together.

  • At university, a friend and I drove to the gym, couldn’t find a parking space so drove home again. Via McDonalds for a Mcflurry. (Not so proud of this one)

  • One of the reasons I chose my current gym is because of the brand of shampoo and conditioner in the showers. It’s Redken and I love it.

  • My boyfriend, Tom, never used to know how to use the weights machines at the gym, so used to watch people and jump on the machine just after they finished using it, basically following them round the gym like a stalker.

  • When a friend’s boyfriend first tried a BodyPump class with her, he ignored her warnings to take it easy as the sets were long. After the second set, with a fully loaded bar, his face was purple and the instructor had to come over and tell him to ‘take it easy when you’re a beginner’. He hasn’t been back since.

  • Leah had an amazing story to share;

I used to go to Body Step classes a few times a week and class myself as a pretty good ‘stepper’. I knew the tunes, the tracks, the moves- I could pre-empt what was coming up next which meant I put 150% into my workouts and totally gave them all my enthusiasm and energy.

One day I finally convinced a colleague to come to a class with me. I helped her set up her step, and then continued to give her pointers like ‘don’t worry if you can’t do the arms today- just focus on getting your leg movements in time’ and ‘if you get lost, just follow me’ and ‘here are a couple of the basic travelling steps’. The class kicked off, and the instructed started with a warm up track. I smiled knowingly at my colleague and lept into a super energetic grapevine. I caught my ankle on my own step, rolled it and collapsed into a heap- knocking my step over and hitting two girls in the front. The whole class had to be stopped for 10 minutes while I was carried out to the medical office and was on crutches for 2 weeks.
Maybe not such a Body Step expert after all. So mortifying!

I’m sure we’re not the only ones with gym confessions, no matter how big or small! I’d love to hear yours- Please email me with any gym/workout confessions I’d love to share them next week if I get enough!! They can remain anonymous if you like!


  1. Katie G

    Love this post – you did make me chuckle! Plus..they are some sexy shoes!
    Unfortunately I have many gym confessions.. Woops..
    Not many that are particularly unique or amusing but I’ll send you a few when I have a moment! 🙂

    • Charlie

      great, thanks!

  2. Dahlia Nails

    These are brilliant, and I want your shoes! xx

  3. Katy Gray

    These are so funny! I have one that comes to mind, I’ll send it over 🙂 x


    Ahhh these are brilliant!!! Not sure I have any I can think of off the top of my head, apart from forgetting my sports bra and having to do a gym review with a super pervy guy who loved getting me on the treadmill – bounce, bounces….

    • Charlie

      amazing, hate the pervy guys that hang out by or behind the treadmills!

  5. Catherine

    Your gym has Redken products in the showers??? If I found a gym that did that I would never leave!

    • Charlie

      I know, sometime I save a hairwash until I’m there. Tempted to start filling up bottles for home!

  6. mia79gbr

    LOVE these confessions! Hilarious!

  7. Leah

    Thanks for the name and shame – glad I could be of assistance! haha! I think I have done ALL of these at some time!


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