Green Smoothie Challenge: Day 1

I started making my smoothie today full of optimism, but unfortunately, once it started to turn brown, I became a little less than impressed….

Today is the first day of the 21 Day Green Smoothie Challenge, and I opted for the Cucumber and Strawberry smoothie from Joy the Baker. Now, if you click on the link, you will see that the smoothie does not look green, but I (somewhat naively) thought that it would turn green if I added spinach to it! Joy’s photos are also much, much better than mine.

Lets start at the beginning, where instead of following the recipe exactly, I ‘tweaked’ it. By tweak I mean substituted almond milk for apple juice, strawberries for frozen mixed berries, and added in spinach and vanilla protein powder.

AKA. I made a whole new, brown smoothie. And did not really make Joy’s delicious looking Cucumber and Strawberry smoothie.

I had to use a green straw to drink my smoothie to make me feel like it was at least a little green!

 If you would like to make this brown smoothie too, here’s what you do:

Add 1 serving vanilla protein powder
100g mixed frozen berries (I think the blackberries/blueberries added to the ‘brown’ in my smoothie!)
1 large handful spinach
1/2 cucumber, deseeded and roughly chopped
200ml apple juice (or enough to make the consistency you want)

Whiz in a blender until smooth.

Let’s hope tomorrow’s smoothie is a little more GREEN! I’ll be making this Kiwi Smoothie tomorrow morning, and taking better pictures of it I hope!

If you’re following the challenge, how did your first smoothie go? Do you think this smoothie counts as part of the challenge as it technically wasn’t green?

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  1. April 8, 2013 / 6:05 pm

    That looks like something I would do! I “follow” recipes by using whatever I have on hand that is comparable to what the recipe actually calls for…..most times it works and sometimes not. Best of luck with your challenge!

  2. April 9, 2013 / 12:15 pm

    This reminds me of all the times I’ve ended up making muddy or swamp-like concoctions! Can definitely say that blueberries are normally the offending culprit, but they’re so healthy and tasty so I forgive them 🙂 I reckon it counts towards the challenge, sounds like you’ve started on a good footing!

  3. April 9, 2013 / 10:41 pm

    I love smoothies for breakfast. Even though it turned out brown, it still sounds yummy. I find that whenever I put dark berries in my smoothies it changes the color… I just drink it with my eyes clothes. The biggest difference I noticed when I started drinking spinach smoothies was in my hair and nails.

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