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Goodbye Abu Dhabi

Oct 27, 2012 | Active Travel | 1 comment

Thursday was our final day in Abu Dhabi. It started with a quick session at the hotel gym before a leisurely breakfast and some pool time.

My Mum and I had brought some of Karen Russell’s class notes, from the class that I signed up te earlier in the year and hadn’t had time to participate in. My Mum had read through a bunch of the notes and was practicing taking photos with her new knowledge. It was not all successful.

Our time at the Desert Island Resort came to an end far too quickly in my opinion, and all too soon we were being collected to get our flight back to Abu Dhabi! I was really excited to take a small plane back to the mainland, but actually the plane was not that small!

Once back in Abu Dhabi city we had some time to kill. Approximately 6 hours to kill, before our flight left. Yes our flight was at 2.20am! We wandered around Abu Dhabi mall for a bit, lots of great shops, but not so much fun shopping with a super heavy bag! We then had dinner at the Beach Rotana Hotel, right next to the mall. We ate at the Italian restaurant there, and even though my broccoli and beef pasta only had 2 pieces of broccoli, it was still pretty good.

It was also right across the (one way) street from the bus stop to the airport. It took us a while to figure out how to cross the street, but we eventually made it onto the bus and to the airport. Where we waited, and waited and waited some more. Then we got on our 2.20am flight and I fell promptly asleep until breakfast was served on-board around 5am English time. Yes, I am that person that can get onto anything moving a fall asleep for most of the journey. It drives my travelling companions mad! Our flight arrived at 6.30am to Heathrow, just time to head home, have a shower, change my clothes and go to work! Think I am going to crash over the next few days!

Have a great weekend!

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