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Goals for 2019

Dec 27, 2018 | life updates, Lifestyle, Running | 14 comments

Goals for 2019 I follow a blogger that sets a word for their year, and the more I’ve been thinking about my goals, hopes and ambitions for this year, the more a word has sprung to mind.


I know that sounds strange, but bear with me.

Investing in relationships

There have been friends that I haven’t seen much over the last few months and I don’t want to lose touch. Friendships that are too important to me to let go of. And I am well aware that it’s in huge part due to my busy schedule that i haven’t seen some of my best friends from university for months!

Recently, I had a dream about a very old friend. In it, he was going through a tough time and I felt compelled to message him when I woke up. Turns out he was indeed at a bit of a low point and said that even receiving the message was meaningful support in itself. I didn’t know whether or not to message him out of the blue, but I’m really glad I did. And I want to invest the time into reconnecting with old friends, spending quality time with my best friends and prioritising a weekly date night (or even date morning) with Tom.

Investing in my health 

Sleeping more, drinking less, eating better, reducing stress. My health is one of the key areas to prioritise in the next twelve months and beyond. I want to practice what I preach by drinking more water daily, consuming between 5-10 pieces of fruit and veg per day, eating less junk food and generally treating my body (and mind) the way it deserves to be treated to have it functioning at its best.

Goals for 2019

Investing in my skin 

Looking in one of those horrid, close up mirrors that show ALL of your pores was not one of the best experiences of 2018. Combined with the fact that I have found a very large mole on my back (ok, not found but realised it has developed this year and is growing) and I have realised that I need to invest in my skin. I need to book an appointment with the doctor to have that mole seen to, and an appointment with a dermatologist/beauty therapist to start having regular facials.  My skin does not look the way I’d like it to at the age of 30…and that’s something I’m willing to put money in.

Investing in my career 

This is the year I should finish my degree. And whilst I’m excited to have finished my degree placements ( I have just passed my final 3+ month hospital placement) I am also considering what I want to do with my Dietetics degree once I graduate, whether I want to work for the NHS, in private practice or continue to work on my blog and see where that takes me, sharing more, qualified nutritional advice.

Regardless of what I want to do at the end of my degree, the next 6 months are going to be spent in the library starting and finishing my dissertation, revising for finals and hopefully passing the course that I’ve dedicated four years to.

Goals for 2019

Investing in my blog 

I’ll be honest, I really don’t understand SEO or much/any of the behind the scenes action behind the blog, but I do know that it’s important. I hate doing the techy stuff, and am useless at it, so instead of wasting hours and hours, when I could be creating content for you guys (you know, actually blogging), I’m investing in help with SEO, Pinterest, a re-design, and focusing my time on writing more, shooting more, and sharing more!

I am in a fitness blogger Facebook group and one of the girls recently asked us to share our blogging goals for 2019. I loved that some of the group had fixed numbers for the reach they wanted their blogs to reach next year, and whilst I don’t have that, I do know that I want to grow,

Investing in my fitness 

I’m not sure if it’s investing in my fitness, but 2019 is the year I hope to finally tick two big items off my bucketlist…to qualify for the Boston Marathon and complete and IRONMAN.

I’ve signed up to Ironman Barcelona in October. The full 140.6, and this year is going to require a lot of discipline, all over fitness (both strength and endurance) to achieve one of my bucket list goals.

But a big thing ahead of training for this goal has been creating a home gym with treadmill and weights. My stepdad has been spending a number of his days in our shed, helping turn it into a gym. I can’t wait to share it with you…when it is finally done.

In the meantime, I’ve also finally found a great weekly yoga class that I love and some strength workouts to develop to help keep me injury free and develop my physical strength as the miles on foot and the bike rack up with Ironman training.

I’d love to know what your big (and little) goals are for 2019… 


  1. W. Purves

    Good luck with your investments – all important and best wishes for 2019.

  2. Elle @ keep it simpelle

    Great choice of word! I have had similar thoughts re investing. Also have similar goals (dissertation etc) so it’s gonna be a big year!

  3. Cari

    Invest is such a perfect word
    Good luck with the dermatologist – should be painless and much simpler than down the road
    Best of luck finishing your dissertation and transitioning to post schooling world
    Just wrote up my own goals, feel free to click through

  4. Chiswickmum

    Great post. Great word. Now all I need to do is convince you to invest in a pension… xxx

  5. Ali

    I love the word choice of invest. It is not one that I would have thought of, but definitely encompasses so much! Good luck with your goals! I did my first triathlon this year and although an Ironman is definitely a bucket list item, it still seems incredibly daunting. xo, Ali

    • charlotte

      It is SO daunting! But I made up my mind that if I didn’t sign up, it was never going to happen! Thank you – good luck with your 2019 goals too!

  6. Paul Fowler

    Enjoyed that blog, and good luck with your investments!

    • charlotte

      Thanks Paul!

  7. shineonsyd

    Yeah perfect word (wish I had some money to invest too) looks like you have it all sorted as usual

    • charlotte

      I mean, they definitely won’t be big investments, especially after delays on payments from brands over the holidays!

  8. Liz Johnson

    Wow, an Ironman, that’s amazing! I’m doing my first sprint tri in July and am slightly terrified.

    • charlotte

      I am a LOT terrified about the Ironman! But we can do this!!

  9. jasmincharlotte

    It’s a great word and sounds like you have great plans for 2019! x


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