Glute Workout for Runners

If you’re a runner, and you’ve ever seen a physio, it’s more than likely that they have told you that your glutes could do with some work. I know that I am not alone in sometimes skipping weights workouts when training for marathons, focusing solely on my running workouts. But weights sessions can be just as important as a mid-week run. Below is a workout that my physio suggested that I incorporate 2-3 times a week, it doesn’t take very long, and with the exception of the boss ball, requires very little equipment and could be done at home, in the gym or in a park. Just find some steps for the step ups and hip lifts.

I completed this workout a couple of times on my holiday at the gym (complete with sunnies on my head). Not all of the gym was air-conditioned so I worked up quite a sweat. I am terrible at one legged squats, and definitely have a long way to go to improve my range of motion. This glute workout only takes 10-15mins so it’s a great one to add onto another strength or cardio session. The picture below was taken before a Pilates class that I took at the hotel gym, it involved a lot of core and hip work- just what I needed!


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  1. February 8, 2014 / 4:24 pm

    A hotel that offers classes?!?! What…I have never heard of such a thing…

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