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How to Get Over a Hangover the Healthy Way (Speaking From Experience!)

Jan 3, 2015 | Uncategorized | 1 comment

New Year's Eve


New Year's Eve

My New Year’s Eve was spent with friends in France, and involved a lot of fizz, wine, cheese, beer pong and fireworks. We created an amazing spread with baked camembert, pate, smoked salmon blinis, followed by Coq au Vin, lemon tart and more cheese! When in France! A late night game of Beer Pong and a few too many champagne toasts meant that I didn’t feel all too fresh the following morning.

In my experience, if you wallow in your hangover, it will be worse. Here are my tips for getting through a hangover and not feel completely awful – tried and tested on New Year’s Day!

Eat Something

Lining your stomach before you drink is definitely important, as is eating something nutritious when you are hunger. Although you might feel like reaching for the junk food, it won’t make you feel better. We ate porridge with leftover berry coulis, scrambled eggs with chorizo and avocado that filled us up and fed our hungry hangovers.


I know this sounds silly, but a hot shower or bath can do wonders!


Although ‘hair of the dog’ will probably make you feel better in the short term (if you can face it!) plenty of water, green tea, and juice can help rebalance your hydration and sugar levels. I personally love a Virgin Mary or a smoothie on a hangover.  Avoid drinking too much coffee- it will only dehydrate you further.

Get Outside

Fresh air will blow those last cobwebs away. If you feel up to it a run will let you sweat out some of those toxins, however a walk with friends or family is a great option if a run is off the cards. We went for a walk in the French countryside to a nearby lake that had frozen over. There we made up our own game of Rock Boules on the lake.

Think about cutting back on the booze in January!!


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  1. Jane

    Yes, these are all my tricks too! In fact, exactly what I did on New Year’s Day. Looks like you had a wonderful NYE! Cheers!


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