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Get Fit for Free: Best Free Fitness Classes in the UK

Feb 5, 2015 | Uncategorized | 2 comments

NTC week

A lot of workouts that I really, really enjoy are rather expensive. I hate that to do something like Barry’s Bootcamp, Speedflex, Project Fit or 1Rebel you have to pay over £20 a class. I get that they’re awesome classes, and they really work but I do wish they were more affordable (for me!!). You can usually do a free trial session, which totally works to make me want to make the workout a regular in my training plan. The marketing completely works!

However, if you’re like me and sadly can’t justify a £1000 a month fitness habit, here are some equally amazing FREE fitness classes you can attend!

  • Nike Run and Training clubs– hosted in many major cities, including London, Glasgow, Cardiff and Manchester. Sign up online, or just show up to a run. Suitable for all levels, although some are women only. Keep track of their facebook to find out about other cool happenings, like NTC week!
  • Sweatshop Running Club– with beginners and intermediate runs, these supportive community sessions run weekly from their shops. Plus if you go regularly, you’ll earn yourself some free kit! Find your nearest store
  • Asics Run Clubs– similar to the Sweatshop runs, with groups of varying abilities. Have a look at their website for your closest shop.

Project Awesome

  • Project Awesome– sadly only available in London currently, but free for anyone and everyone. Just show up to The Scoop on Weds at 6.30am, or Primrose Hill at 6.30am on a Friday morning. Follow them on facebook to find out where the Monday session will be- they change it weekly! If you do go, make sure to stay for coffee afterwards, it’s a brilliant way to meet likeminded people!
  • Sweaty Betty– all their stores hold free clubs twice a week, ranging from yoga and pilates to bootcamps and interval training. These friendly classes are suitable for all, not just Sweaty Betty customers! Find out more online, or ring the store the day before class to sign up.
  • Park Run – free timed 5Ks in local parks every Saturday morning. These friendly events are run by volunteers, and kids are welcome to take part too. Don’t forget to register online and print out your code!
  • Tennis for Free– become the next Heather Watson or Andy Murray and sharpen your skills at the free tennis sessions available at local tennis courts across the UK.

lululemon fitness class

  • Lululemon Run club and yoga classes– sign up to your local shop or showroom’s newsletter for all the events. Currently just in London (and all over the world!), my local store holds wake up yoga classes, night runs and Roga- all brilliant and freee!
  • Goodgym– get fit and do something good for a local community with Goodgym’s weekly sessions. You’ll run as a group, then do some manual labour, such as moving wood chips, or you’ll visit a lonely elderly person. Everyone wins.
  • Our Parks I only just found out about these brilliant look free fitness classes in various London Boroughs (sadly not any near mine). You book online and show up to the session, whether it’s Boxfit, Basketball Fit, bootcamp, hula hoop fit or one of many on the list, these sound like a lot of fun!

I know that can’t be all of them- let me know in the comments about a free fitness class near you and I’ll add it to the list! Similarly, if you’ve been to any of these, let me know how you found them!


  1. Helen

    These look great, will look into them a bit more. Yes, I think the price can be what sometimes puts people off getting fit but it doesn’t have to be expensive


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