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Geneva Triathlon Race Recap

Jul 20, 2017 | Active Travel, Active Travel Guides, Race-cations | 8 comments

Sprinting down the finishing straight, we were neck and neck. We’d covered a 250M swim, 7KM bike and run 2.5KM and now we’re grinning like idiots, crossing the finish line and high fiving. We don’t share a common language, but there’s a knowing nod… the ‘I wouldn’t have run so hard if you hadn’t been there’ smile.

It’s what I love about sport, about endurance activities, about running is its ability to transcend ages, languages, nationalities and abilities. We’re all in it together.

triathlon genève 2017

Back at the beginning of the year I was invited over to Geneva by the race organisers and tourism office to take part in their half marathon and triathlon events.

After covering the Henley Classic 2.1KM in June, I knew I had the open water swimming covered, and the running I was fine with, however the bike section would be another issue.

Unlike my other triathlon (Blenheim Palace back in 2014), this swim started on the lakeside platform, meaning we had to run into the water before claiming a bit of space to swim – it was a little manic. See the photo below of the guy taking a tumble on the shingle…that was right in front of me.

triathlon genève 2017

I decided to ease myself into the swim, counting to 10 before I started swimming with the idea of putting a bit of space between me and the uber competitive triathletes in our wave. With so many people trying to turn around the first buoy, it was a bit of a washing machine and I got kicked quite a few times. After having a minor freak out, I found some space and repeated over and over ‘you can do this, you can swim much further than this, just breathe‘ to myself, enjoyed the crystal clear water and before I knew it, the swim was over.

And much to my surprise there were still a lot of bikes still in transition area. The water was warm enough that we didn’t need wetsuits meaning that transition was really quick – just hat and goggles off, helmet and sunnies on, socks and trainers on then leg it to the start of the bike course.

triathlon genève 2017

I’d rented the bike that morning (after a rather worrying few moments where they didn’t have a bike for me!) and was glad that it all seemed to be working correctly – I would have had to walk with it if I’d got a flat! As usual on the bike I was overtaken A LOT. However, that just reinforced how strong I’d been during the swim. And surprisingly, I really enjoyed the bike section despite the 1KM uphill climb.

As I was coming in to the final stretch of the bike course, the winners were just crossing the finish line. Slightly depressing when I still had the whole run section to go!

triathlon genève 2017

triathlon genève 2017

Off the bike and into the run… I know why people practice brick sessions, I had full jelly legs. The run course was flat but didn’t have any shaded sections, so the water station was very welcome about halfway through. For such a short race, I didn’t take any fuel with me but loved the orange sections they had on offer!

With no watch on (left it at home but was secretly quite pleased not to know my pace on the bike or run!) I had no idea how I was doing in terms of timing but knew that I was finishing in a little group and therefore couldn’t be doing too badly.

Turns out I came 18th female in 40.38 but most importantly, I really enjoyed it!

Geneva Triathlon 2017

I’ve talked a little about wanting to do an Ironman 70.3 one day, and actually I think I’m going to look into signing up to a race in Autumn of next year as I think next summer might be my last summer holidays ever…the perfect time to train!

Geneva is just an hour and a half flight from all major UK airports, and entry to the Super Sprint triathlon is about £35, whilst the longer Olympic distance costs £65.


  1. Amanda

    Good job! I read your recap of the 2014 Blenheim race as well. Just reading about the swim portion gives me anxiety. I can swim, but not sure how I’d fare being kicked in all that churning water. Geneva looks beautiful! I live in Ohio, so I can’t imagine being able to hop on a plane and 1.5 hours later be in Geneva. I stumbled upon your blog semi-recently and I really enjoy it. Looking forward to reading about your Ironman training. 🙂

    • charlotte

      Thanks so much for reading Amanda! I have had a couple of lessons in open water to help me get over my anxiety and it’s helped SO much! Highly recommend if you ever did want to do a tri!

  2. Nicole

    looks like a fabulous experience and as usual for your blog recently, AMAZING photos

  3. Michelle Mason

    Looks like an amazing experience but have you turned into a super human fish hybrid? 2.5km swim, 7km cycle and then 2.5km run in 40 mins. I don’t know many fish that can swim that fast 😉

    • charlotte

      WHOOOOPS – I mean 250m swim hahah I wish I could swim that fast! Edited 🙂

      • Michelle Mason

        Me too! I was wondering what your trick was 🙂 Really enjoying your posts and adding to my lists of places to go and compete or do something active.

        • charlotte

          aww thank you so much for reading!

  4. Alazona

    Well done Charlotte – respect. Do you plan to do any more triathlons?? Just started following you too, we don’t follow many gin drinking triathletes 🙂 😉


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