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Fitness Fashion: New Balance Leggings

Sep 23, 2016 | Kit, Running | 4 comments

Are you following me on Instagram? If so, you’ll see that I’m in Utah right now, exploring the National Parks with my Mum. You’ll also see that I’ve worn these New Balance leggings pretty much every day since arriving. Literally, I am wearing them in my last three insta pics!

New Balance Leggings Therunnerbeans

New Balance leggings

I am obsessed.

They are the Precision Run Capri and are part of the Autumn/Winter collection, and definitely in the luxe technical section of their running gear.

There’s a pocket in the back, the seams are all bonded (so are effectively seamless), plus my favourite bit is the detailing down the back – a combination of small holes for ventilation, and silver dots for reflectivity. Both stylish and practical, and flattering (if I can say that about my own legs/bum!)

Plus they’re navy, which is always a big win for me.

*Apparently NB call it Galaxy, either way I love them. 


New Balance leggings therunnerbeans

Another pair of New Balance leggings that I’m loving are these fun patterned pair…

New Balance leggings therunnerbeans

Notice I point my toes in, which is weird, and I do it when I sit, and stand, and worst of all RUN! This is apparently contributing to my dodgy knee/ITB and I need to stop it! Also I need new socks…that Michael Jackson look is not cool.

New Balance leggings therunnerbeans

Anyway, back to the leggings.

These are the Printed Impact Tight in Guava print with Galaxy. They have reflective stripes up the sides of the legs to keep you safe and seen on your dark winter runs, plus zips around the ankles to…well actually I’m not sure exactly what the zips are for other than they help you pull the leggings off after a long run when you don’t have the energy to battle to get them untangled from your feet.

There’s also lovely little mesh panels over the backs of your knees to improve air flow and keep you cool, they’re sweat wicking too. Plus there’s the handy zip pocket at the back to stash your phone, money, key in – all the running essentials 🙂

New Balance leggings therunnerbeans

New Balance leggings therunnerbeans


  1. Corey @ Learning Patience

    ooh those look cute! Never tried any NB clothes…will have to look out for them! x

  2. Cindy C. (@Cindy_C75)

    Oh, those look smashing. I’m in the market for a new pair of capris with a zip pocket. Do they run true to size?

  3. Danielle @ Wild Coast Tales

    These are so cute! I love the dot details on the bottoms of the first capris. I’ve never actually thought to try NB pants!

  4. Pippa @ Pip in Motion

    I love New Balance- my marathon shoes are New Balance and have literally just arrived so I have that new-shoe excitement. I do love NB as a brand too, though I don’t own as much of their clothing as I thought I did!


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