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Finding the BEST Running Shorts

Jun 28, 2019 | Kit, Running | 4 comments

I know I’m not the only one who struggles to find the *perfect* pair of running shorts. You want them to be long enough so that you don’t chafe between the thighs or feel like you’ve got a ‘hungry bum’, and that you’re continuously pulling them down.

Pockets are a must, particularly when running long distances. I want to tuck my phone, bank card and gels securely within the pockets rather than having to carry them in my hand or in a waist pack.

They need to be high waisted. They need to be opaque. They need to cover my bum cheeks and top of my thighs. And they need to stay put…I don’t want shorts riding up mid-run.

Thankfully Lululemon has finally listened and brought them back in Black and a cargo print. Warning, they have slightly changed the shorts, and they don’t feel quite as long as they used to be, and therefore the pockets on the sides are not as deep. This meant that my phone was a bit precarious in them – however they do securely hold gels, keys and a bank card – and my phone was secure in the back pocket for all 26+ miles at the Edinburgh Marathon.

Lululemon Fast and Free Shorts

I also really like the Train Times shorts; although they don’t have the side pockets, they are 6inch in length, meaning they cover enough leg, don’t ride up and have a pocket in the back for a phone, key or card. These are also perfect for the gym, yoga, spin classes, or apparently *fashioning* (check out this Vogue article!)

I was really excited and pleased to find the Mila Pocket Shorts from Fabletics. They’re mid-thigh, high waisted, don’t ride up, and have side-pockets that will easily fit your phone in. I haven’t run more than 6 miles in them so far, so can’t tell if they stand up as well as the Lululemon version but they certainly seem to be pretty great.

They also have the Trinity Mid-Rise Pocketed Shorts with three mesh pockets on each side, layered above each other. Sounds weird but works really well if you want to keep a credit card and gels/phone without worrying you’ll pull out a gel and lose your card (as happened to me at the London Marathon 2018!).

Oiselle do an amazing Pocket Jogger that’s pretty much sold-out currently, but I’ll be ordering them in every colour once they’re back in stock in my size. I actually think these are better than the updated Lululemon versions, soft, full length and with a zip pocket in the back for your valuables! They also do a longer version here.

A lot of you also suggested Senita Athletics for their 4, 5 and 7 inch Baseline and Rio shorts. And at $23 these are the cheapest of the bunch!



  1. Jackie

    Thanks! I rely on reviews for buying since it’s almost always online shopping.

  2. Cari

    Hungry bum – such a great phrase.
    I haven’t found that Fabletics hold up to washings.
    But really find this helpful, thanks1

  3. Maria

    Your blog is so interesting. I have the same problem finding the the perfect shorts, sometimes I even end up to buy and keep them in draw until I give them away.


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