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Feel the Fear, Do it Anyway…

Aug 28, 2018 | Active Travel, life updates, Lifestyle, Uncategorized, Wellness | 4 comments

feel the fear, do it anyway

We’re standing at the top of the Orbit in London’s Olympic Park. The view is spectacular, but I can’t look. I stand with my back to the London skyline and take deep breaths.

It wasn’t until I looked up and saw just how high the Orbit Tower was (114m) that a sinking feeling occurred in my stomach. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to do it.

Nevertheless, I was harnessed up with the guys and took the lift to the top. With 5 of us in our group, I knew I didn’t want to be the one going solo, and when Rich talked about how nervous he was, we decided we would do it together.

Feel the fear, do it anyway

Gingerly we made our way to the edge of the tower, were hooked up and made the first terrifying, knee trembling steps off the side.

Yep, this was our ‘flyte’ moment. Abseiling off the Orbit….

Feel the fear, do it anyway

Both Rich and I admitted once we were safely back on the ground, that if we’d been given an out, if the other had bottled it, we would have bailed. Thank goodness we both had the same mindset…

Yes, it was terrifying. But I would have regretted it so much if I hadn’t tried.

Feel the fear, do it anyway.

Feel the fear, do it anyway

I was buzzing from the rest for the rest of the night… right until the driver in front of me stopped abruptly and I didn’t manage to stop in time… no harm no foul but it was a bit of a buzz kill. (actually waiting to hear how much their non-damaged car will cost me so hey ho).

I have received messages from people telling me that I should stop putting my goals out there. I shouldn’t announce my goal races because of the added pressure (and potential failure). And whilst I totally appreciate their comments and their opinions, for me the reason I put it out there is because it’s scary. I do it because I think it’s important for us to share our big goals, to be vulnerable, to be afraid but to give it a go anyway.

(And aside from anything else, I want to show the hard work that I put in. I love following people’s training, seeing the highs and the lows, the dedication and sacrifice, and the joy when it all pays off!)

You know that feeling in the pitt of you stomach, where it feels like 1000 butterflies are flapping around, trying to fly up your oesophogus and into your throat. Where you simultaneoulsy want to laugh and cry. Go to the bathroom even thought you just went.

Those feelings of fear, they can be good.

Feel the fear, do it anyway

I’m not talking about the fear that haunts you at 3am, the dread that fills your brain and causes night sweats. I’m talking about a good fear. A healthy fear…of things that are scary but manageable.

Like abseiling off a building. Or trying to run a Boston Qualifier.

They say in life, we regret the things we DO NOT do rather than the things we DO. Aside from a kissing a few frogs, but you know what they say about that!

What are you too afraid to strive for? What goal scares you?


  1. Elle @ keep it simpElle

    I’ve done the slide a couple times and would defo do this even though I’d be scared lol

    I think what you share is the reality of running… we don’t know where the journey will take us and sometimes it doesn’t get us to the start line. So keep on sharing… There are always other races. Imagine all the things we would miss out on if we were too scared to attempt them or share them!

    • charlotte

      yes yes yes! you put it so well, and thank you x

  2. Tim

    Running my first 5K! (Have been following your blog for inspiration).

  3. Annie

    NEVER stop putting your goals out there!! Your goals haven’t changed, just the timing of them has. I think it’s really inspiring to follow along while you prepare for your BQ attempt, especially the parts where it doesn’t go according to plan. Nothing ever does and we should all be prepared for it! Good luck! I will be reading!


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