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Fabletics UK Review- My First Order

Apr 20, 2015 | Kit | 4 comments

To the bloggers that have either partners who take great photos or use professional photographers- I envy you! Even these photos were painful to get Tom to take! Granted he doesn’t have the easiest ‘model’ to deal with!

Loving my Project Awesome pink sunglasses- earned from attending three workouts with Project Awesome in a week.

Fabletics Review

I received my first Fabletics delivery on Saturday morning (3 day free delivery) and couldn’t wait to try it on straight away. I asked on Twitter whether people had tried out Fabletics before, and had a mixture of feedback from users. For those that haven’t heard, Fabletics is Kate Hudson’s monthly fitness gear delivery service. Each month you get a selection of outfit suggestions emailed to you, and you can either pick an outfit you like and have it posted, skip a month or earn a £44 credit on your account to use another time. Or you can cancel at anytime.

If you sign up as a VIP, you get your first outfit for 50% off, meaning I paid £26 for a top, bra and leggings. Pretty good deal!

Fabletics Review

My first choice of outfit was something I could wear for yoga and Pilates- basically bribing myself to get to these types of classes more often. The back of the top really drew me to this outfit and the cool bright blue bra! The top is the Taylor Top, coupled with the Sevan Sports Bra and Salar Capri.

I ordered the bra in a medium and it fits perfectly (I’m a 32DD so this hardly ever happens) however the small top is too big. In order to return items, you need to email or call Fabletics. Sadly apparently the email service isn’t working currently, so you need to ring their customer services line between 8am and 8pm. When I tried that this morning, I got through on my third try only to be told the wait/hold time was 23 minutes! Hoping this isn’t one of those companies that make is SO hard to return things that you don’t bother doing it! (** Edited to add: I did get through to customer services and have printed out my return label- seems unnecessary to make people have to call to get an exchange esp when it’s through a courier service pickup!**)  I love the snazzy design of the top as well as the soft fabric and can imagine myself wearing this with jeans during the summer!

Fabletics Review

I was so impressed by the black leggings, they are made of a thick, good quality material that passes the yoga/knicker test! The high waistband is really comfy and I love the three quarter length. I thought I had lots of black leggings but turns out I only actually had one other full black pair, and you can never have too many pairs of black leggings.

Fabletics Review

The Fabletics link is an affiliate link but doesn’t cost you more if you use it! I paid full price for my Fabletics order.


  1. Corey @ Learning Patience

    I just ordered that top and thought it felt cheap, I returned mine this weekend. The leggings are great and capris, the tops are cheaply made though so watch out. Just got the Chelsea hoodie and its amazing – this top is great too – kinda funky and sexy (Weston Pullover) and this one… (Astoria Shrug)
    good luck with ordering…
    xoxo from London

  2. Corey @ Learning Patience

    Hmm…hope Im not double posting here but it seems my last comment didnt come thru.. I just ordered that top too but thought it felt cheap, watch out their tops arent nearly as awesome as their bottoms – the leggings and capris are all awesome. These are the best tops Ive gotten Astoria Shrug, Chelsea hoodie and Weston pullover – my favorite. Good luck with ordering
    xoxo from London

  3. Kitty

    Great! I have wondered what Fabletics is like for a while I keep seeing adverts for it. I think we must be about the same size I always struggle with sports bras and tops so that’s good to know too……I have trouble with my photographer too he usually just rolls his eyes and wanders off! Oh well x

  4. MrsB

    I don’t like things where you sign up to receive something every month. I like to just spontaneously buy stuff whenever I have the urge and not be locked into a relationship with one specific company. I won 3 Graze boxes recently and after seeing them in real life I’m glad I haven’t signed up 😀


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