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Edge Cycle Class Review

Sep 13, 2014 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

One of my problems is I get major FOMO. Serious fear of missing out, which is how I managed to sign myself up to two spinning classes last Wednesday. The first was a 7.30am class at EdgeCycle, a brand new spinning class based near Chancery Lane in the central London with Ashley.


We’d slightly unknowingly signed up to the Bootcamp Spin class, meaning we had mats next to our bikes and could choose from light or medium hand weights to use throughout the class. With 30mins of spin and 15mins of weights and plyometrics it would be a great all over workout.

The staff at the studio helped us set up our bikes, ensuring that we were comfortable and knew how to adjust the gears and work the computer. We didn’t use spin shoes for this class, however apparently they are usually included in the price of the class if you do want to use them.



Katy has just moved back to Glasgow- going to miss her!

Ashley and I both agreed to take the class on the easy side, using it as a bit of a shake out from our runs the previous day, and so ensure that we didn’t burn out before our class at Cyclebeat with Summer of Sweat that evening. After a quick warm up, we were in to sprints and climbs, with our instructor Belinda, making sure to tell us just how long we’d be working for each time so that we could put in maximum effort.

Loved the coloured lights and atmosphere in the room, however I didn’t love that we were told not to look at the clock as then I kept focusing on it! I almost wish they didn’t have the clocks in there at all.


After 15mins or so on the bikes we hopped off to complete our first weights set, including burpees, lunges, squats, squat jumps and pushups. I loved this variation in the usual spin class, it felt so efficient and kept the class from becoming monotonous- something I can find in a usual spin class.

We repeated this with another set of sprints and hill climbs on the bike and a final floor set- finishing in 20 burpees. Gotta love a burpee, right?

Overall I though the studio was brilliant, and Belinda was fab, the only downside to me was the slightly cramped locker room and open showers. I’m no prude but if I was to go with colleagues or friends I don’t love the idea of the open showers when a curtain could be added so easily. Maybe I am a prude!

I loved the class, and would love to go back to give it a full effort- I’ve heard the Saturday hour classes are hardcore! Probably the perfect pre-brunch class.

Have you heard of Summer of Sweat– the lovely girls at Lunges and Lycra have organised a load of fun classes all over London including trampolining, Parkour, Bikram and others. Find out more here. 


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