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Fueling for a Marathon: Where to Eat in Berlin

Oct 16, 2014 | Nutrition, Running | 1 comment

Before stepping on a plane to somewhere new, I will have usually googled places to eat a few hundred times, and written down a list of options for breakfast lunch and dinner. This doesn’t always work out, as often they are fully booked, closed for refurbishment with no notice on their website (thanks Fraulein burger) or just not convenient when we are actually hungry. And sometimes I get a little stroppy about this.

But other times it works out perfectly, or you receive a great recommendation whilst in the new city/place and you end up having the best cinnamon bun of your life.

Breakfast in Berlin

For Breakfast/Coffee: Zeit Fur Brot 

This place was so very trendy, with Berlin’s equivalent of yummy mummy’s enjoying breakfast with their perfectly behaved babies in tow. Inside the grey painted, Scandi looking, urban cafe were rows of cinnamon buns of varying flavours, some of which we could translate from German, many we couldn’t. Other options included Birker muelsi (huge, you can share), sandwiches, pretzels and freshly baked bread from the onsite bakery. The coffees are also delicious, although the place to go for the best coffee in Berlin is apparently The Barn– one of those slightly pretentious, actually not open when you want coffee, sort of places. We tried, it was closed.

Breakfast in Berlin, Berlin Marathon

Breakfast in Berlin

Breakfast in Berlin, Berlin Marathon

For Burgers: Shiso Burger

After unsuccessfully trying Fraulein burger, we stumbled upon Shiso burger, a Korean burger joint around the corner. It was buzzing, which we took as a good thing and joined the queue. Burgers, fries, edamame and the like are served promptly in bamboo steamers. Service is friendly, and if you don’t mind potentially sharing a table with strangers, then the queue moves quickly. My Bulgogi burger, rather than a patty, was tender strips of beef marinated in a slightly spicy Korean chilli sauce. Delicious, and great value.

Berlin marathon fueling

Berlin Marathon fueling

berlin marathon fueling

Berlin Marathon Fueling

For organic, veggie, sustainable food: Lokal 

I’d been recommended this by a few people on twitter, so booked it as a post-marathon dinner treat. The portion sizes were epic, and I couldn’t finish any of my courses, despite having run a marathon that day. The food was delicious, fresh tasting, with real flavour in the veggies. There were some interesting combinations, and plenty of raw food, which wasn’t my Mum’s cup of tea, but I loved it. The staff were incredibly friendly, and impressed with the medal (come on, the only time you can wear it is that evening)! I’d highly recommend Lokal for a romantic supper or a boozy dinner with friends.

berlin marathon fuelling


Berlin Marathon fueling

For Schnitzel and Beer: Augustiner am Gendermenmarkt

After the marathon, we congregated at Augustiner am Gendermenmarkt for the best salty schnitzel, chips, beer and coca-cola of my life. German food never tasted so good. Located within walking distance of the marathon finish line, and right next to Ashley’s hotel, it was the perfect meeting point for post-marathon recovery food. The service wasn’t brilliant, but everyone arriving with a medal got a rowdy round of applause from those dining. Its classic German menu had everything you could possibly want from Pork knuckle and sauerkraut to currywurst and pretzels, plus a huge selection of Steiner’s.


Ashley and me with our medals!

Berlin Marathon runners

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  1. lissyruns

    Boo Fraulein burger, that’s annoying!
    But am going back at least for the half next year, so will have to check out some of the other places 🙂


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