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Easter Feast

Apr 1, 2013 | Uncategorized | 1 comment

Earlier this afternoon I went round to a friends house for an Easter afternoon tea with some other friends. It was so lovely to have the sun out again. Amanda and I baked a chocolate cake with mocha icing, and decorated it with chocolate fingers, milky bar eggs and smarties. The fingers give it a much cleaner, more professional finish (I think!)

The spread was incredible, with egg sandwiches, cucumber sandwiches, strawberry cheesecake cupcakes, chocolate biscuit crunch cake, and mini chocolate orange cupcakes.

Emily’s boyfriend had made delicious homemade foccacia, although sadly I didn’t get a picture of it. Two of the boys had both made cous cous salads, one was a typical cucumber, spring onion and feta mix. The other was a little more ‘confused’, with a mix of spinach, tomatoes, sweetcorn, beetroot and cheddar cheese…

After tea we headed outside to complete the Easter egg hunt that Emily and her boyfriend, Phil, had set up for us. Such a cute surprise for us, they had hidden creme eggs, maltezer bunnies, lindt bunnies and haribo packets around the garden.

Loving the sunshine, even though it was pretty chilly outside still!

These friends are people that I went to school with when we were 16. I am so glad that we have all remained friends, and live close enough to one another that we can meet up regularly!

Helena said she was really sore after her half marathon yesterday, she originally got into running way before I did, and completed the Great North Run when we were 19! She was saying that she thinks her long distance running days are behind her, and that she doesn’t enjoy it anymore. I wonder if this is because she felt undertrained for this half and struggled more than she would have done otherwise. I know distance running, and races aren’t for everyone, I hope I don’t lose my love and drive to run further and faster!

I’ve had a rather indulgent four day weekend, so I am looking forward to going to the gym tomorrow and getting back on track! I am currently sitting on the sofa this evening, watching The Biggest Loser and feeling a little guilty!

How was your weekend? Did you indulge in lots of chocolate easter eggs? Have you ever lost the love and drive to keep running/racing? Did you get it back?

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  1. Laura

    That looks like one heck of an Easter feast! I definitely ate plenty of chocolate this weekend, pretty much my entire egg and some mini eggs too, but it was Easter after all! 😉


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