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The Detox Kitchen

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The Detox Kitchen

The Detox Kitchen

Located wonderfully close to my office, The Detox Kitchen is a bright, fresh friendly cafe tucked inside Kingly Court, Soho. Offering a range of gluten free, sugar free, vegan, veggie and balanced brilliantly healthy food, not to mention the most incredible salad lunch spread (get there early before it all goes!). Luckily for my bank balance, I only discovered this gem a few months ago, and have been a regular ever since. Although busy at lunchtime, it’s a great breakfast or midmorning place to work, meet friends or hold a meeting.

The Detox Kitchen serve a range of foods that are designed to make you feel more energised, less stressed and lighter, helping to detoxify your body from persticides, chemicals and pollution.

My absolute favourite lunch from here is the roasted aubergine with yogurt and pomegranate, plus an avocado coleslaw and quinoa with roasted veg salad. There’s a range of proteins available, usually including salmon, prawns, chicken, plus vegetarian options. For breakfast, I highly recommend the Coyo yogurt with Q’nola popped quinoa granola and berries- so pretty and delicious.

The Detox Kitchen

The Detox Kitchen


The Detox Kitchen


As well as their deli, The Detox Kitchen offer a delivery service with food for the day, including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Options include the protein package (1500 cals, including fish, prawns and poultry), Vegan (1200 cals), Green with Protein (1200 cals), Green (900 cals) and Active Protein (1800 cals). I was offered the chance to try out a day’s worth of food- and obviously opted for the biggest portions and most cals! Delivered directly to my front door during the night, I awoke to a protein filled smoked salmon and avocado breakfast pot. Mid morning snack was a green juice, while lunch included courgette noodles, prawns, cashews and pomegranate seeds. In the afternoon I enjoyed chopped pepper with dip, whilst my hearty pre-preapared evening meal of chicken in a tomato sauce was enjoyed during a Biology lesson with minimum fuss! It’s not cheap, at £42.99 a day, however for a short term plan, and for inspiration every once in a while, it is a lovely idea, plus the food is high quality and carefully prepared. I wish I could afford to have it delivered everyday!

The lovely people behind The Detox Kitchen kindly allowed me to share their Salmon and Kale salad recipe- it’s a goodie.

Salmon and Kale 

SalmonKale Detox Kitchen


Serves 2

2 portions of Salmon, skin off

½ butternut squash, sliced

1 fennel bulb, sliced thinly

2 stems of kale, picked and washed

1 tsp fennel seeds

200g soya yogurt (or Greek yogurt)

1 lemon

Salt and pepper

Olive Oil

1. Preheat oven to 200C (180C fan).  In a roasting tray cook the butternut squash with oil, salt and pepper and fennel seeds, until tender.

2. 5 minutes before removing the butternut squash add the thinly sliced fennel.

3. During this time season and lightly oil the Salmon, before roasting on a separate roasting tray for approximately 25 minutes.

4. Now quickly fry the kale in a very hot pan with oil, salt and pepper.

5. For the dressing simply mix the yogurt with the zest of 1 lemon, salt and pepper.

6. Mix together the butternut squash, fennel and kale.

7. Serve the Salmon on the bed of vegetables with the dressing drizzled on top.

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  1. ~ Carmen ~

    I like the variety of packages they have. It’s nice that they tailor to different needs & tastes. I love the presentation of the salmon & kale, although I don’t eat fish.
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