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December Favourites

Dec 18, 2015 | Uncategorized | 4 comments

I’m officially on Christmas holidays, yay! The best thing about being a student is obviously the long hols (although I do have exams in January). I feel like I’m doing a lot at the moment, although not all of it blog worthy (or ‘healthy’ blog appropriate, my hangover last weekend was not pretty!) but I thought it would be fun to share a few of my December favourites with you…

Nike Lunarglide Flash

Nike Lunarglide Flash – These reflective shoes look like normal Lunarglides in the daytime, but once night time hits, passing car lights, street lamps, and even the flash of a camera are enough to light up the shoe. These provide another piece of reflective gear to your running outfit, and ensure that you will be seen by oncoming cars and bikes in these dark winter mornings and nights.

Christmas Activities – We’ve been ice-skating, on a Christmas lights bike ride tour (more to come on that) and made Christmas wreaths already, and this week has included a lot of Christmas parties. I love Christmas! I’m excited to be spending Christmas day this year with a lot of my family, including a few that have flown over from New Zealand! I think there will be 18 of us together for lunch- that’s going to be one huge turkey. I’m in charge of canapés, please let me know if you have any amazing canapé recommendations!

Homemade wreath

My Uni Friends – I’ve made a lovely little group of friends at Uni, there are a core four, then an extended group. We went for a pre-Christmas lunch yesterday and celebrated one of the girls birthdays. We may be Dietitians in training but of course we had chocolate cake!

Uni Friends

Christmas themed workouts – My friend Cara and I took a Christmas Accelerate spin class at Core Collective (booked on ClassPass) in Kensington, complete with Elf instructor. It was a really tough class, both of us nearly fell off our bikes when instructed to crank up our resistance to 60! Yes we did wear red on purpose….

Christmas at Core Collective

After class they were giving out vodka juices, champagne ice lollies, beers, and food as well as pumping out the Christmas music.

Christmas at Core Collective

P.S still obsessed with my red manicure from Prettly. 

Instagram – This month, as part of an article I’ve been writing about trying to stop comparing myself to others, I did a bit of an Instagram cull of people I was following that actually just made me feel bad about myself. They weren’t inspiring me, they were actually doing the opposite. I removed them from my feed and replaced them with some awesome, badass runners like Fueled by Frosting, A Happy Pace, Running.Alexandra, and NYCRunningMama.

Follow me on Instagram at therunnerbeans

therunnerbeans Instagram

What are you loving this December? I am definitely NOT loving the madness of Christmas shopping and am so pleased to be almost finished, just Tom’s dad to buy for!


  1. Georgina

    Christmas coffees!! Mmmmm ???? Also simply getting home and switching our Christmas lights on. I need to do the same on Instagram… I do it every now and then, but just get sucked back in to following the same accounts that make me feel crappy! Can’t wait to read your post xx

  2. Nicole

    champagne ice pops? those look amazing. and i should probably do the same thing to my insta feed. i don’t do BBG but i follow a lot of those woman and im not sure it’s helping any….

  3. fionajarrett

    I love a big crowd at dinner on Christmas day, it makes for great craic. Enjoy all the activities!

  4. katieferg89

    I’m enjoying doing the rounds and seeing friends/family and doing Christmassy activities (I have a real thing for tree decorating!)

    The fact that every class or organised run I seem to go on now has a slightly festive theme….aka wear a Christmas hat – and to balance this out, that M&S have themed all their mini bites tubs therefore it makes them much more acceptable to eat all the time because it’s Christmas.

    PS that cake looks amazing!


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