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Day in the Life February 2015

Feb 18, 2015 | Uncategorized | 6 comments

I haven’t done the Day in the life post for a while – since I was training for the Berlin Marathon actually, so I thought it might be fun to share with you what my slightly hectic lifestyle is like. This was my day last Thursday, and is a pretty accurate reflection of a typical Thursday in my life!

6.15am alarm goes- this is actually a bit of a lie in! Lovely!

6.30am- I’m out of the house armed with a banana to eat on the tube on my way to a spinning class where I’m meeting my friend Annie. I love getting to multi task and catch up with a friend whilst working out!

7.20am- arrive at Boom Cycle– I’ve heard great things about Bang’s class, and although I didn’t love my previous experiences at Boom, I’m willing to give it another try!

Boom Cycle

cleats for spinning 8.15am- very sweaty mess after an awesome class. Sadly a ridiculous queue for the showers (this is the problem with cubicles, people take twice as long!) means I have to baby wipe shower, spray with deodorant and fix my hair as best I can before dashing off to work. I drink a V Water on my walk to work, love that it’s hydrating and has extra vitamins. Swing by Pure to collect my free coffee after getting a voucher with my salad the day before- winning!

9am- eat porridge at my desk while checking emails and get to work.

11am- enjoy a meeting with a cup of coffee in our work kitchen, this informal meeting is the perfect time to chat about my thoughts and worries before I go on hols for a colleague! I also have a mid-morning snack from the vast selection on my desk; Graze sharing bags and the free fruit from our cafeteria. It’s become a bit of a running joke about what my snack will be each day with some people in the office!

12.45pm- I walk over London Bridge to my nearest Tossed. I’ve been thinking about the amazing falafel salad I made there a few weeks ago so enjoy one for lunch. Plus the extra steps I’m earning on my Fitbit are a bonus- our challenge at work is bringing out the competitive side of everyone!

Tower Bridge

The shard

1.10pm-sitting at my desk, eat my salad whilst working on a blog post.

1.45pm-back to work, preparing for an afternoon of meetings about a future meal plan.

4pm- I can’t resist a biscuit and a cup of tea in our meeting, especially as we’re discussing food all afternoon! I have a pear to balance it out plus plenty of water.

5.45pm- leave work and rush home on the tube. Phone battery dies and I get stuck on the tube for ages. Definitely going to start cycle commuting!

6.30pm- just make it home to meet my Chemistry tutor at the door. Scrabble around the flat looking for my text books and settle down for 2hrs of Gas Laws and enthalpy changes. I add fizzy water to my Elderflower and Pear V Water for a sugar free fruity drink, and share it with my tutor, as well as some cashews- maybe I should get him some crisps for next time?!


8.30pm- End of Chemistry, just in time to log in to a live forum chat that I’m hosting for work. While I check in there, I cook some soup that I’d bought at M and S the previous day. I add some extra cooked chicken and spinach, plus make some cheese on toast as a side. Tom doesn’t feel this dinner is substantial enough so he makes an omelette too! Apparently a bean and kale soup doesn’t cut it for him!

9.30pm- the forum chat ends, I do some washing, pack my gym bag for the following morning, and get ready for bed.

10.30pm- into bed. I would actually love to get into bed at 10pm to give myself time to read, but sadly this just isn’t possible tonight! Out for the count but can feel the beginnings of a killer headache. I sleep with my eyemask on and hope for the best. My headaches are aggravated by stress and this hectic day has apparently tipped me into headache territory! Bring on the weekend!

What’s your average Thursday like? Do you like to wake up and workout, or are you an evening exerciser?

This post is sponsored by V Water. All hecticness is my own.


  1. Samantha

    I wish I could get up and workout in the morning but I just am not a morning person at all. I should though as I have no ideas how I am going to get the miles in I need for my training, and it would be nice to be in bed before 10:00pm one night. Love these type of posts though. xx

  2. healthyhappierbear

    I think you should do an upcoming post translating your typical verbiage such as “lie in” for your US readers 🙂

    Love this type of post, as always!

  3. Spencer

    I’m usually up at 5:30 and like this morning in the gym at 6

  4. Zoe at Splodz Blogz

    I can’t get any further than 6.15am alarm goes off… 6.30am leave the house. How? 15 minutes?

    I tried Tossed for the first time the other day – a fishfinger wrap from a service station on the way down to Essex. I was really impressed actually, it was tasty and I felt rather virtuous walking by the massive queue at KFC next door.

  5. Barrie Thomson

    We have a saying in our house “soup is not a main meal” … I’m with Tom on this one. And I am SO struggling with morning exercise. I can’t get the balance right between food intake and energy required for an old man to puff and pant his way around the runs RunKeeper insists I have to do to survive the Edinburgh Marathon. Great post.



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