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Day in the Life of a Blogger/Student on Summer Holidays

Aug 24, 2017 | life updates, Lifestyle | 11 comments

I love reading Day in the Life posts because I’m nosy/like to see how my average day compares to other people’s. Having said that, I think as a blogger, there is no average day. Each one is different.

So I’m sharing MiO in my life as part of a sponsored series for Socialstars™ and how it fits into a typical day of workouts, blogging and wedmin: (NB this is from a couple of weeks ago!) 

5.55am – apparently that’s my bodyclock wake up time. I’ve been struggling a lot with anxiety recently and waking up super early worrying about things is pretty standard for me.

6.30am – get up, get dressed, snack on a Protein square from Graze and go for a run. Today it’s a 5 mile easy run at 9-9.15min mile pace. 

Day in the life of a blogger, student, wedmin

8.00am – back from my run, grab a bottle of water and mix it with MiO Water electrolyte to help hydrate me before (and during) my gym workout and jump into the car. As well as hydration, it’s also the boost of motivation I need to take me from my cardio to weights workout.

8.15am – PT session. Although I’m not shedding for the wedding I am working on my arms/back/abs etc – and have found a real love for the gym. And a love for the progression I’m seeing from my sessions.

It’s taught me that I don’t need to lift heavy, and I don’t need to be intimidated by the weights section, I have little workouts that are bodyweight only, and supersets that use between 2-5kg that still have my muscles burning. I can already see more definition in my arms and core and feel much fitter than I have done in years!

Day in the life of a blogger, student, wedmin

Day in the life of a blogger, student, wedmin

Taking a quick break between sets to drink my MiO flavoured water – I usually bring two bottles of water to the gym. One with plain water and one electrolyte drink – I sweat (and drink!) a lot!

Day in the life of a blogger, student, wedmin

9.15am – drive home. Quick shower, get ready super quickly and out of the house (without washing my hair – Runner Hair, Don’t Care – top knot for the win).  

10.00am – head to station to catch a train into London. By this point I am STARVING, so I take overnight oats made with almond milk and strawberries plus a coffee made at home (trying to cut down on those expensive train station coffees) to enjoy on the train while I do some work.

11.20am – arrive into London and head to a coffee shop to answer some emails before a meeting. I have to re-enrol for uni next year and apply for all my NHS finance for the course which is proving a nightmare given that Tom and I are getting married before my first day of term (they all want to see my marriage certificate and don’t seem to understand that I obviously don’t have one yet!!) I’m also trying to catch up on blogging work before we head to California and Hawaii on honeymoon. 

Day in the life of a blogger, student, wedmin

12pm – meeting in central London with an exciting brand I hope to be partnering with soon 😉 all top secret…

1pm– Find my Mum at Piccadilly Circus, head to EAT for lunch as I’m getting Hangry. After lunch our plan is shopping for an outfit for her to wear for my wedding. She already has a dress  (she’s bought about 5 dresses – some of which have been vetoed) but we were after a jacket and accessories.

3pm – oh, hungry again?! Yep. Cup of tea and shared a choccie with my Mum before an appointment with a seamstress at 4pm – also a great excuse NOT to buy the smart but overpriced outfit that she tried on below!

Day In the life of the blogger, student doing wedmin

Day In the life of the blogger, student doing wedmin

5.15pm – Hit up John Lewis to check out some of the items on our Gift List in real life and add a few items to the list. Also went and tried on outrageous hats whilst looking for one for my Mum – I am getting an enormous hat for Royal Ascot next year!

6.15pm – Catch the very crowded train back to Henley on Thames. I think they may have stopped the direct train which is really annoying, however it seems that it might be quicker this way. Fingers crossed.

Day in the life of a blogger, student, wedmin

6.52pm– arrive back in Henley, drive home via Waitrose to pick up some more milk, berries and teabags #alltheessentials

7.20pm – Home. Sit on the sofa and catch up with emails. My phone died on the train which is pretty standard for me. Tom’s working on lates this week which means he won’t be home until past midnight.

8pm– Make a quick ‘fridge’ dinner – ie leftovers from the week. This included a slice of ham, brown rice, courgette, asparagus, baby sweetcorn and snowpeas. Random but delicious. Eat it in front of The Handmaids Tale – I’m a little bit behind – because the Sunday night shows clashed with Love Island 😉 so I’ve been catching up while Tom is at work.

Day In the life of the blogger, student doing wedmin

9pm – Write this blog post, check emails/blog comments and look through the videos from a shoot with Anna a few days ago.

10.15pm – BED. I’ve been listening to podcasts before going to sleep for a couple of months and it has seriously helped with my bedtime anxiety. I often fall asleep within minutes and Tom comes back and has to listen to a random sports/vegan/American Life podcast when he goes to bed too. (Check out my fave running related podcasts here).


  1. Nicole

    I love these posts. Also Iove that you have such a full day even on summer break!

  2. GiGi Eats Celebrities

    LISTENING TO PODCASTS before bed is genius! Everyone drowns their brains in un-educations garbage. But podcasts = THAT is perfect!

  3. Memphis

    How frickin adorable is your mom??

    • Chiswickmum

      Thank you – beginning to wonder why I didn’t just buy that outfit!!

  4. San

    Awww, love the photos with your Mom! 🙂

    • Chiswickmum

      Thanks – So lucky to get that shot! It’s already in my album!

  5. Brice DeNice

    Hello, this is wonderful. I’m personally moved by the schedule. Could the awesome way you handle your day’s activity be the reason for the fit shape I’m seeing above? I also love the idea of listening to podcast before you sleep, I’ve been doing it for years and it really works.

  6. Angela

    How long do you wait to go running after eating in the morning?

  7. AnnaJackson

    I agree with everyone else, I love this blog post!

  8. Laureen

    You busy girl! You can put a timer on the podcast so it stops automatically after 10-15min or more. Easier to know where to restart the podcast from.


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