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Our second day in Verona was obviously a pretty long one as I had to split it into two blog posts! After the Castelvecchio I made Char pose for some self-timer photos, much to her embarrassment.
We then walked towards the Roman Bridge and to the San Zeno church. Char’s ankle had been hurting and she was pretty reluctant to walk to, and around another sight. The Basilica of San Zeno Maggiore was on the ‘Verona hit list’ given to me by my friend Jess and so I was adamant that we see it. Unfortunately when we eventually got to the church it was under renovation and had a canvas facade over the front!

We went inside anyway (using our Verona cards), I looked around and lit a candle for Vic, and let Char rest her ankle for a couple of minutes.
We then headed off in search of Gelato. Despite the wind and the rain I was not going to come to Italy and not have a Gelato!! I had a lovely, dark chocolate ice-cream whilst Char chose strawberry.
We really lucked out and managed to jump on a bus (free with Verona cards!) all the way back to our B and B. Char took a well needed rest/nap while I read ‘The American Wife’ for a blog book club. I managed to finish the whole book over the weekend, it was so good. We had heard about a restaurant in Verona that had been voted by The Guardian as having the best pasta in the world, as you can imagine we were eager to try it. Annoyingly it turned out that the restaurant was actually about 45 mins outside of Verona. Without a rental car this was not really an option, so we headed back to our friendly waiter from the first night.

After a minor pit stop at a restaurant suggested by Jess for a glass of wine.
Followed by several more glasses of wine and a large pizza each.
On a totally different note, I went to donate blood this morning with a colleague from work. After waiting nearly an hour and having a full medical and travel history taken, despite the fact that I have given blood before, I was told that as I had been to Italy within the last 28 days I was not eligible to donate. Apparently Italy, along with a number of other European and North American countries have West Nile Virus! Slightly scary as I definitely was not warned of this when I travelled! I will have to wait until the beginning of December. I think donating blood is something that everyone who can do, should do. I personally hate needles but I am willing to go through the anguish for 20 mins to help save someone’s lives. The NHS blood centre website tells you how many days of each blood type that they have left, it just shows you how important it is for people to donate.


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