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Cutting it Fine: 21 Days of Yoga (and the Lulu Winner)

Jan 28, 2014 | Uncategorized | 2 comments

I’ve completed 17 days of the challenge, with 4 days left in Jan and 4 days left in the challenge. Yes, I’m cutting it fine but I will complete it! This week I’ve practised a lot more at home than in previous weeks, mostly due to a busy work schedule as well as working on location for a few days meaning I couldn’t attend my usual gym/studios. But it’s all about making it work for you, and this is working for me. I’ve been getting up early with Tom to complete my yoga before breakfast. (Not sure why there are so many of my boots in the sitting room!)

Last week’s yoga sessions;

Tuesday- Hot Pod Yoga class with my Mum 

Wednesday- 20 Minute Yoga for Runners youtube video

Thursday- Barre and Ballet Bootcamp

Friday- Flow Yoga class at Goodvibes -Yin and Yang was fully booked 🙁 

Saturday- 20 Minute Yoga for Runners youtube video

Sunday-20 Minute Yoga for Runners youtube video

Monday-20 Minute Yoga for Runners youtube video

I’m really excited to get a 30 day pass at Goodvibes and make the most of it in February, as well as booking myself in for a lovely Vinyasa yoga class at my gyms on Tuesday mornings. I’ve noticed that my gym offer a huge range of different yoga classes, including Broga, Antigravity yoga and beginners yoga. I’ve got a lot to try out in the next few months!

I know I’ve loved hearing how others are finding the challenge, so this week’s yogis are Steph and Felicity!

Stephanie @amagpieinthesky

I dabbled in some yoga classes whilst at University with my Mum, mainly to support her, it was a really relaxed Hatha class in the local sports hall. I enjoyed it but life got in the way and I forgot about yoga. Sorry yoga. 

After I started running and joined twitter I heard lots of good things about Pigeon pose and Jillian Micheals Yoga Video on Youtube. Pigeon pose I could get along with,but Jillian’s video is hardcore (and more of a cardio workout than most classes!). Last April on a whim I tried the free class at Sweaty Betty in Kingston and since then I dabbled in one class a week, well until #21daysofyoga that is!

I don’t have loads of money/time for classes so I bought a 10 class pass at my local hot yoga studio and planned a few free classes and took full advantage of the great freebies on YouTube. Before Christmas I’d enviously look at those braving wheel or flip dog, last night I managed 3 wheels in a row! I’d never thought I’d be brave enough for these moves but my flexibility and balance has hugely improved. I’d now consider myself a budding yogini (fledgling yogi) and have yoga as part of my weekly routine. On the more spiritual side, I’m always thinking of what’s next and planning ahead, yoga is teaching me to spend more time in the present, or at least be aware of what I am missing when I’m thinking far off into the future. 

Felicity – Challenge Felicity
Just over two thirds of the way through #21daysofyoga, I have been reflecting on how yoga snuck into my life and I can’t imagine life without it.

I have struggled with my weight since my teens, in summer 2011 I was at my heaviest and just wanted help. I never thought a chance meeting with a yoga instructor would change my life. I confessed to Norah that I wanted to try yoga but I was too big. A week later I took my first Ashtanga class, the realisation hit that that my weight or size didn’t have to stop me trying anything. With Norah’s guidance and friendship I spent the next year working on my body and my mind, losing 40kg and finding a love for yoga and running. 

This past year running has been at the forefront of my fitness and social life, I have made some new friends through Team Naturally Run, I have run a race each month and my inner magpie has been satisfied seeking out runners bling, but yoga has been hiding out back, supporting my body and mind in post run recovery, and making me stronger. Running will be taking a backseat this year, as I have signed up to a yoga teacher training course. A break to discover more about who I am, I hope one day I’ll be as strong both physically and mentally as my teachers, Norah and Natalie.

For me #21daysofyoga has been about finding time to roll out my mat, opening space in my body and heart, finding strength and flexibility that I wasn’t sure I had and committing to practice.

My aim for the rest of the challenge is to try some new classes, I have never tried hot yoga so will be trying to get sweaty this week at Pure Hot Yoga, also I can’t wait to try out some classes at Good Vibes, with my class pass! I’ll have to get my butt to London soon, hope to see you all on the mat!

WINNER of the Lululemon Yoga starter kit is Brighid. Please email me at with your email and postal address! Congrats! 


  1. Stephanie M

    let me know if you do the anti gravity yoga, I’m dying to try it!


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