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Oct 30, 2011 | Running | 0 comments

I made an incredible Beef Wellington on Friday night. Yes I am blowing my own trumpet but Nick did say it was the best Beef Wellington he had ever eaten! yessssss. It’s certainly a treat to have once in a while. Char and Nick stayed the night after food comas set in. It was really nice having them over! Char had brought over amazing looking cupcakes to have for pud, unsurprisingly we didn’t get around to eating them on Friday night. Char suggested we had them for breakfast!! Not such great pre-run food but I shared an oreo cupcake with her anyway.

Followed by toast with peanut butter and banana- much better running fuel.

I get so bored running the mile from my house to the river but love running on the towpath, so I thought that cycling to the river then running a 4.5 mile loop back to my bike would be the perfect solution. It would cut out the boring 2 miles back and forth, plus would be a nice warm up/cool down.

I try to set myself a challenge for each run, sometimes it’s just to get out of bed and get the miles done! Today I wanted to see if I could run 3 miles in under 30 mins- I actually managed 4.5 miles in under 45 mins. So pleased. One of my splits was 9.18 for the mile. Maybe it is possible for me to get faster.

Still sticking to my healthy challenge of the week,

Day 3
1 banana
2 clementines
1 apple

Day 4
1 banana (half before the run, half after)
2 clementines
4 prunes (they may have been stuffed with goats cheese- delish)

Off to watch X factor!


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