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Clapham Nativity 10K

Dec 17, 2013 | Race Recaps, Running | 3 comments

Also known as the time that 13 elves ran around the common.

A few weeks ago, Leah organised a ‘Team Naturally Run’ reunion race, and thought it would be festive for us to take part in the CAFOD Nativityrun, and dress up as Christmas elves! Unbeknownst to her, some of these little elves decided to tinker with Leah’s outfit and make her an Elf Bride complete with L plates, veil, and wand!

Remember the time a few weeks ago when I said I wouldn’t race hungover again? Did you believe me? No, neither did I. Well this was a totally un-derserved hangover (only 3 drinks on Friday night!) Anyway, Zoe and I ran together for the first 5K, feeling a little sorry for ourselves and clutching our water bottles.

The run felt hard, and Zoe and I kept complaining about how we could run a marathon yet we were struggling running a 10K. Just goes to show how quickly your running fitness can go. That said, the course was anything but easy. It was muddy with some very tight bends, the trail switched between grass, pavement and off road path, not to mention undulating and very wiggly. All part of the challenge, right?

At least it was gorgeously sunny, cold and crisp at its best.

When we reached the end of the first loop, I was so tempted to turn off with Zoe and the others that were only running 5K, but I couldn’t leave the elf bride on her own. So on we trotted with Lauren and Felicity. By this point it had begun to feel a little easier, and less of a shock to the system. We chatted about marathon training, upcoming races, Christmas and the other outfits. Luckily our elf outfits kept us nice and warm without being too hot, although the bells did get rather annoying after a while!

At one point we looked around and couldn’t see anyone ahead or behind us, so when we did eventually see someone a little way in front of us, I told the girls we were picking up the pace and ‘taking her’. We overtook the guy in front of us, and then the girl with the see-through leggings in front of him, feeling pretty pleased with ourselves.

Then, rounding the corner from an out and back we noticed that the girl with the see through leggings from before was in front of us again! She’d ducked under a rope and cut some of the course! Feeling outraged, we started muttering about how she was only cheating herself… and then we started sprinting to overtake her (we’re really rather mature).

We all made it over the line before see through leggings girl, rather chuffed with our final push! Definitely a fun run- 1.02.28! 

After collecting a mince pie and mulled wine or hot chocolate we met back up with our group of elves to discover we’d won the group costume prize. Obviously this called for champagne…

Celebrating being awesome elves, and Leah’s engagement! 

The lovely Leah had bought us all medals even they weren’t given out at the finish (also Leah wont race if there’s no medal at the end!). It was so lovely to catch up with Ashley, and meet her husband Bo, and friend Emily, as well as seeing so many London Bloggers. So weird to think that a year ago I’d never met any of them (except Zoe who I’ve known forever) and now some of them I count as really good friends.

I’m off on holiday with my family today, but I’ll try to check in whilst I’m away. In the meantime- what are you up to this Christmas and New Year?

Thanks to Leah and Katy for some of these photos, and to Leah for organising our outfits and medals on Sat. 


  1. Lauren (@PoweredbyPB)

    I really enjoyed the run, it was nice to do a fun race for a change. I still can’t believe that girl who cheated!! Have a great holiday!

  2. Lucy

    Nice to see you again! Have a lovely holiday.
    Can’t believe that girl was cheating!


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