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Chicago Marathon Training Week 5

Jul 27, 2015 | Uncategorized | 12 comments

Pretty Muddy 5K

This week I’ve felt like finally my training is going to plan, my confidence is back and I’m excited to be enjoying my workouts a little more.

Monday– Back with a boom for this workout. A progression run of 6 miles total- the aim was 9.00, 8.45, 8.30, 8.15, 8.00 and then an ‘eyeballs out’ run of at least 7.45. I felt great about absolutely nailing this workout- 9.06, 8.43, 8.32, 8.09, 8.01, 7.19 (balls to the wall). It was such a great confidence boost to start the week with this workout!

Barrecore Stretch class- this is a game changer class. I am useless at stretching and foam rolling on my own, despite all the research and experience that shows how important it is. This class was 45mins of myofascial release using a ball, plus some deep stretching. This has officially been added to my schedule each week.

Tuesday– Nike Frame Workout

Throughout the year, Nike put on amazing free workouts across London (and the rest of the world!) This class was in association with Frame studios and was held in trendy Kings Cross Granary Square. We boxed, kicked, squatted and burpee danced (pulling out a dance move at the end of each burpee).

Nike Frame Workout

WednesdayBarrecore class

I put it off at lunchtime, so after a long day, had to suck it up and get on with my speed work. I had 6x5mins at 7.41 pace on the cards (nope, not a typo- 7.41 is my goal speed!) with 90 second recovery jogs. I hit the pace just fine, but took 2 min recoveries at the slowest jog ever between each set.

ThursdayBarrecore class

These classes do  not get easier- I am always have sweat dripping down my back, and burning muscles after the 15 min warm up. An old friend has just started going to the Chiswick early morning classes so it’s nice to have someone to struggle along with. I love the little group that goes to the Chiswick classes, it’s a real little community.

Friday– 1 mile warm up, 6 miles at 7.54 min mile pace, 1 mile cool down.

Running along the Thames path

SaturdayPretty Muddy 5K

Sunday– I had 13 miles on my schedule, got all dressed up, stepped outside…and immediately retreated back into my sitting room and out of the rain. I had BarreAsana at 11.30 so opted to go to the class first (where I managed a headstand for the first time!) and hoped the rain would clear up. It didn’t!

So after an Acai bowl at a new smoothie shop in Chiswick, I put my big girl pants (and new Lululemon leggings) and headed out into the wet weather. 13 miles at 8.45 min mile pace, finishing helpfully at Outsider Tart to refuel on brownies.

Outsider Tart brownies Chiswick

Note I didn’t take a proper rest day this week after two full rest days last week – both Saturday & Sunday so I started the week feeling well rested. Additionally, I didn’t go all out in the Nike Frame workout or Pretty Muddy 5k with my friend. I just wanted to highlight this as often we can see other people’s training logs and feel like we should be working harder or completing more sessions when often what we see isn’t all it seems. For me, I need proper rest days to recover fully, a lot of sleep and good nutrition to get me through marathon training cycles!


  1. Corey @ Learning Patience

    Great training week, I just signed up for a Nike class this Thursday at Kings Road…thanks for the heads up! I love adding in a different workout at least once a week when I’m training to spice up the workouts!
    Checking out that Barre Stretch class too – thanks for the tips!

  2. The Clean Eating Couple

    Sounds like an awesome week of training. We don’t have Nike classes near me but I would totally take one if we did!

  3. LeAnne @This is my faster!

    I’m training for Chicago too! It will be my first full 🙂
    I’ve always wanted to try a barre class. I’m pretty good at stretching and foam rolling but the last month (maybe two) have not been reflective of that 🙁

    I liked the comment you posted at the end. I sometimes find myself reading the posts of the bloggers I follow and think “wow I wish I could run that fast, or run so many miles, or do that much cross training”. Although I know I can do more than I’m currently doing, at the end of the day my training is my own and I have to do what’s right for me 🙂

  4. Pam and Christine

    Nice week of training. Are you hoping to run all the marathon majors? Chicago is supposed to be a fast and flat course so it should give you a great chance to qualify for Boston 2017. I ran it this year and will run NYC this fall. Obviously London is on my list, but since I got a spot for Tokyo 2016, I am hoping to run London in 2017 and back to Boston in 2018!

  5. Lauren

    Way to go on your week of training! I really want to qualify for Boston at Chi too but I’m aiming for an 8:00 flat pace. I love that mud run photo!

    • charlotte

      Thanks Lauren! I think my goal will be between 8-8.10 pace on the day so maybe I’ll see you along the way! Are you running with a pacer?

  6. Hannah

    I hope you get to relax at some point! Sounds like you’re very busy – I couldn’t do it!

    • charlotte

      This weekend coming up is a pretty relaxing one, with lots of catching up with friends! For me it’s all about scheduling the workouts in, and planning my training around my life!

      • Hannah

        Good to hear! Enjoy your weekend.

  7. naschkatzeruns

    Hey! I just found your blog and I love it!! I am also training for a Marathon (my first!) in October (The “three country Marathon” at the Austrian/Swiss/German border! I love seeing people’s training weeks and I liked seeing how you incorporate the fitness classes and the runs together. Did you do both a class AND a run on Monday and Wednesday? Amazing! 🙂

    • charlotte

      Thanks so much! For me I need full rest days most weeks so don’t mind doing double workout days to ensure that I can still do that! That marathon sounds amazing, enjoy!!


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