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Chicago Marathon Training Week 16

Oct 5, 2015 | Running | 6 comments

This week of taper has made me really excited to finish this marathon training cycle and start going to lots of fitness classes again. I took my final Barre class before Chicago, as well as a couple of incline walking workouts to get the heart rate up, without putting too much pressure on my knee.

Monday– Rest Day

Tuesday BarreStretch class.

Wednesday – 30 minute incline walking workout at The Altitude Centre. I’ll be sharing more of why I love incline walking workouts next week, along with some great plans to follow.

Sweaty Betty leggings

Thursday– 25 minute incline walking workout at The Altitude Centre before Uni, then a Barre class at the launch of the new Hampstead Barrecore studio. My friend Tash led the class, I haven’t been taught by her for ages, so it was lovely to catch up and feel the improvement in my flexibility and strength since our last class together.

Barrecore Hampstead

Friday – Reformer Pilates class at the new FRAME studio in King’s Cross. The studio is huge, with 3 different classrooms, and a huge range of classes on offer. They’re on Classpass so I will definitely be back, it’s only 2 stops from my Uni so the perfect pre/post uni workout.

Saturday – Rest Day

Sunday – Another rest day. I had planned to go for a 6-9 mile run but my knee was feeling a little creaky, and I was exhausted so decided to give it a miss. This run wouldn’t have added to my fitness but could have made my knee worse so it just wasn’t worth it.

Going into the last week of ‘training’, I’m focusing on resting my legs, icing my knee, foam rolling, and ensuring that I get to the start line in the best shape I can do. No more junk food (tough when I’m about to head to the USA!)


  1. healthyhappierbear

    I actually think it is a TON easier to eat healthy here in NYC than in London. I’d recommend saving the donuts and such for post marathon and instead we can have a healthy, delicious dinner and relaxing tea!

  2. fionajarrett

    Hope your knee behaves itself for your race! Good luck 😀

    • charlotte

      Cheers Fiona, will be taping it up and just crossing my fingers. Have been really careful this week so hope it’s OK!

      • fionajarrett

        The extra bit of rest will have done it the world of good. Fingers crossed it’ll feel like new on race day 🙂

    • charlotte

      Thanks lovely!


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