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Chicago Marathon Training Week 15

Sep 28, 2015 | Running | 6 comments


This couldn’t come at a better time after yesterday’s bailed run due to some knee niggles, I’ve been suffering with them on and off throughout the training cycle, but I’m hoping that it won’t be a huge problem on race day. It’s a pain I could probably push through but it’s not worth it this late on in the training. Think healing thoughts!

Monday – Barrecore Mixed class with Karla in Kensington- this felt like one of the toughest classes that I’ve taken in ages. My muscles were sore for days!

Tuesday – Off

Wednesday – A packed day with Project Awesome, rooftop yoga with ClassPass and Serene Social, followed by a post-work run class at The Altitude Centre.

rooftop yoga

Thursday – 30X30X30 on the treadmill at The Altitude Centre, 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off, repeat 30 times before my first day at Uni.

Friday – BarreSTRETCH class after my first shift working as a receptionist at a workout studio.

Saturday – Free yoga class with Lululemon to learn more about the Lady Garden campaign to get people talking about gynaecological cancers ‘silentnomore’ Did you know that 2/3rds of women diagnosed with a gynaecological cancer die from the disease?

Sunday – 7 miles to St James Square, then a Lorna Jane free workout for Active Nation Day followed by another few miles before making the decision to stop after feeling some knee pain. It’s so close to race day to push through. I came home, iced, ate and went to my friends for tea!

Active Nation Day Lorna Jane


  1. healthyhappierbear

    I’m glad you’re being smart about your knee! Also, worked at a studio? Do tell!!

  2. Catherine

    Awesome week Charlie. I think you are definitely better to let any niggling injury to heal at this stage given race day is so close. You have done marathons before so you know you can go the distance and whilst another long training run at this stage would be a good ego boost, sore knees/legs would not!!! Is it 2 weeks now? I have deferred by Chicago entry to 2016, my training was not going well and mentally i am just not ‘there’ this year so i thought it best to defer whilst i had option to go so (it is so great Chicago offer that option!) However I am going to be in Chicago for the marathon (I booked my flights and hotel ages ago so am taking a holiday from it instead and am intending on hitting up Soul Cycle and Flywheel) so i will be sure to track you race day and hopefully spot you somewhere along the way too. Take it easy over the next couple of weeks, lots of stretching, yoga, etc and you will be great come race day!!! Best of luck xxx

  3. has2run

    That is such a great cause, and that statistic is devastating. Great week of working out. Thanks

  4. fionajarrett

    Well done on a clever taper week! I hate tapering & am always tempted to do more than I should. Hope your niggles clear up in time for the big day.

  5. Shannon

    Looks like a great taper week! Chicago is so close for you! Hope your knee calms down before race day.

  6. peachylau

    Well done, you’ve had a great training cycle. I hope your knee will feel better soon x


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