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Chicago Marathon Training Week 12

Sep 7, 2015 | Uncategorized | 16 comments

12 weeks! 12 weeks! How are we 12 weeks into marathon training? This week has been full of ups and downs. I’ve had two long runs this week, a lot of icing and foam rolling, and a little bit of shin pain. I’ve had a physio session and another sports massage this week, and have more booked in for next week. Just trying to keep my body healthy and pain at bay for another few weeks- fingers crossed my legs can hold on for another month!

Monday – 19 miles in the rain. I ran 7.5 miles from my house to Project Awesome’s birthday workout at the South Bank, arriving just in time for birthday cake! The way back was slightly better fuelled with ginger cake- average pace 8.35 min miles.

Project Awesome

Tuesday – Barrecore

Wednesday – Project Awesome before work. After work it was Yasso 800s again- 10 X 800 at 8.25 pace. After last week’s Yasso’s where I felt amazing, these weren’t quite to dreamy. I hit the paces but my shins felt really sore and I spent the evening in a hot bath and icing my knee and shins.

Thursday – Barre workout and Sports massage.

Friday – Unscheduled rest day. Woke with a migraine and managed to get 1 mile into my run before turning back, heading straight to get a coffee and took more painkillers!

Saturday – Another rest day. My head was still bad and I figured that more rest for my shins/knee would be a good thing!

Richmond Half marathon

Sunday – 20 miles. My plan was to run some miles first before joining the Richmond Half Marathon for my final 13 miles to take advantage of the water stations, cheering volunteers and the other runners to keep me on pace. The goal was 1-5 at 8.40 pace, 6-10 at 8.10 pace, 11-15 at 8.40 and 16-20 at 8.10. What actually happened was an average pace of 8.24 for the 20 miles. I definitely did not run consistent splits, and found it really hard to keep my last 5 miles under 8.30! And no knee/shin pain!!

I highly recommend this half marathon to everyone next year, I will definitely be taking part again. Friendly volunteers, great course (except the final mile) and the most brilliant race t-shirts!

richmond half marathon


  1. Scallywag (@ScallywagSprint)

    That is an AWESOME race tee- is it technical fabric? Almost 40 miles over just two runs is insane – you machine!

    • charlotte

      Yes it’s a technical shirt! Different cuts for male and female- the best I’ve ever got post race!

  2. Miranda

    I ran this race yesterday too! Such a good one, but agree with you. That final mile was a bit random. I liked the squishy grass but the route was weird. It was like someone miscalculated and had to find a creative way to create more distance!

    • charlotte

      It was so annoying, wasn’t it! It felt like we were so close yet so far from the finish!

  3. Christine

    LOVE that race shirt!

  4. poweredbycakes

    That’s such an awesome tshirt! And sounds like your training is going great 🙂

  5. has2run

    I really love the medal and shirt. You sound like you had a great race. I love seeing runners having so much fun together. We are like a cult lol.

  6. Mickey

    You’re doing so well! I hope your shin and knee pain eases up as I know fully well how frustrating it can be – foam rollers are life savers though, I can tell when I haven’t used mine for a while! Good luck and keep up the good work ???????? also, LOVE that race tshirt – I’ll definitely be signing up for next year after hearing so many brilliant reviews!

    • Mickey

      Oops, those ?’s were meant to be a thumbs up!

  7. fionajarrett

    Great running, well done! Awesome medal and t-shirt-really different to the norm 🙂

  8. henkat1

    I had to drop out of the richmond half because of migraines, they are a pain! Glad to hear it was a good race.

    • charlotte

      Oh I am so sorry to hear that, migraines are the absolute worst!

  9. Catherine

    Sounds like the training is going really well! I am trying to manage shin pain too, and seem to be keeping it at bay but it won’t quite go away – do you have any tips (other than not running for 2 weeks which seems to be the standard response)? Thanks!

    • charlotte

      Oh no I’m so sorry to hear that. I’ve been icing my shins every night, foam rolling, stretching my calves throughout the day, having epsom salt baths and sports massages, it seems to be helping! Oh and giving myself extra rest days!

      • Catherine



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