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Chicago Marathon Abbott 5K Race Recap

Oct 13, 2022 | Race Recaps, Race-cations, Running, Travel

AKA I paid £35 for a beanie, and ran 5K. 

This race is a must for those travelling over to Chicago to run the marathon in my opinion.

We started race morning at Starbucks, buying hot drinks to keep our hands warm. Donned in our beanies (breaking the cardinal race rule not to wear the finisher kit before you actually finish!) and wearing too many layers for a run. But with no bag drop, I knew I’d be chilly before and after, and for an easy 3 miles, I didn’t mind an extra jacket around my waist. 

7am is the perfect time to visit The Bean without the crowds! We stopped by for a photo with some familiar faces… then headed with the group to the start line. 

Runners at The Bean in Chicago

Chicago Marathon Abbott 5K Race Recap

They have changed the route since we last ran this back in 2019 – starting in Grant park and finishing on the roads. We all agreed we preferred the park finish and getting our beanies at the finish line rather than at bib collection. 

The route is totally flat, and with an out/back section allows you to see runners ahead of you. Cortney had told me before the run that she’d never actually run a whole race with someone before, so Ellie and I stuck with her, running a 4 min run/1 min walk. 

Chicago Marathon Abbott 5K Race Recap

Wearing Adidas Adizero Boston shoes – I loved how wide the toebox was and how light the shoes were, however I did find the tongue came up quite high. Need to put them through some more testing miles. I also wore the London Marathon top I’d bought at the expo – I was not the only one in London Marathon 2022 kit! 

The race was a good reminder just how mental GPS goes through the streets of Chicago. My watch said I ran 3.34 miles – regardless of ‘tracked’ distance, we finished the 5K in 33.41 – the perfect shake out run. And a little bit of a test for my feet after London Marathon (I went to buy blister plasters not long afterwards!) 

Chicago Marathon Abbott 5K Race Recap

Abbott 5K FAQ 

What is race entry cost? 


Is there a bag drop?

No! Come prepared for post race chills. 

Are there water stations? 

Yes there is one water station on course, and water and electrolyte drinks plus snacks at the finish line. 

Do you get a medal as well as a beanie? 

YES! Which is apparently unheard of for 5Ks in the USA!