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Charli Cohen London Fashion Week A/W 2017 Show

Feb 24, 2017 | Kit | 2 comments

Charlie Cohen London Fashion Week A/W collection

Growing up I always wanted to do something in fashion, despite the fact that I’ve never been very fashionable, so when I was invited to Charli Cohen’s London Fashion Week autumn/winter collection, it was my childhood dream.

My friend Jaimie and I were texting during the week about meeting up, and wondered what you wear to a fitness fashion show… I opted for a Whistles shirt dress and black Nike Air Max (Tom said I looked weird and chavvy in the trainers, which I took as a good sign for LFW!)

Charli Cohen A/W 2017 collection

The show was at the RSA on Durham House Street and as we arrived we realised we could have dressed up a LOT more, there were some fantastic outfits. After enjoying some pre-show popcorn, we were invited to walk around the show where we bumped into fellow fitness blogger Adrienne (who by the way always looks ridiculously glam).

I’m not sure whether I was expecting a catwalk type show, but this was more of a living museum piece, with models standing on plinths wearing the latest Charli Cohen range. What was cool was that they models all had phones and were texting, taking selfies or getting people to take photos of them, a very modern approach to fashion.

‘The collection diverts into over-saturation of influencer culture, internet fame and the fanatical consumption of celebrity endorsed goods and merchandise. How the idolisation of ‘celebrity’ has impacted everything from our spending habits, to our sense of self-worth, to our politics.’ 

Charli Cohen A/W 2017 collection

Charli Cohen A/W collection

This is an interesting step away from her 2015 Ready to Wear collection in which she used a high proportion of influencers in her show. Do you remember seeing everyone wearing her gorgeous ‘Dressed to Kale’ jumpers all over instagram?

Many of the pieces from this collection were a little out there, and because I have no idea how this sort of thing works, I did wonder how many different the pieces would be in the ready to wear collection. I did love this shell jumper though..

Charli Cohen A/W collection

The one thing I was a little disappointed by was the lack of ‘strong not skinny’ through the show, however perhaps the oversized clothes heightened this. Perhaps that’s due to the fact that it’s the A/W Collection rather than the ‘Ready to Wear’ collection – who knows? To be totally honest, I’m not fashion-y enough to know the difference between all the collections.

Charli Cohen A/W 2017 collection

On a completely different note I wanted to apologise to you all about the use of affiliate links on this blog in the past – I have just discovered that somehow, someone has used my blog to create affiliate links through a couple of sites without my knowledge. It only came to light when a PR pointed it out to me. I had no knowledge of this and certainly wasn’t making money on them. I don’t know how it happened, or who has set it up, or whether they have cashed in because of it, but I have now uploaded an affiliate scheme to override their previously installed links so some links on this site may be affiliated – this won’t cost you any extra if you choose to buy anything that I’ve reviewed or chatted about, however if you do, it might kickback a little bit of cash to me (and not the creep who has been scamming off my site). I hope you won’t mind this and know that I put a lot of work into the site to create something that you guys (hopefully) like to read. And if anyone super techy wants to help me get to the bottom of it, I would love your help!


  1. Jessica

    Hi Charlie, Do you host your blog on WordPress? If so, there are affiliates associated to this & if you don’t untick the box in your settings most of your links will be affiliated. Very sneaky I know. Hope that helps? X

    • charlotte

      Thank you!!! Trying to sort it all out but has shown me that I must learn more of the ‘back office’ stuff!


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