Changing My Workout Routine: Fitness Classes In Henley

Working out in Henley

Since moving to Henley I have only been to a handful of fitness classes, and all of those have been on days when I’m in London.

Sadly ClassPass (this link gets you £20 off membership) hasn’t made it out to Henley just yet but luckily there are a few studio options, including spinning, yoga, and Pilates. I haven’t tested any of them out yet to establish which classes to spend my money on nor have I worked out where the early morning classes are – most of them seem to be during the day! I’ve been so used to the huge array of choices in style, time and location of workouts in London, and the ease of getting to them, it’s going to take more organisation and planning to get my class fix here in Henley.

Fitness Classes in Henley 

Expert Fitness Centre – HIIT, TRX, Insanity, Circuits, Pilates, Boxing, Bootcamp, and more

Henley Practice – Spinning, circuits, yoga, Pilates, run club

No Limits Henley – Circuits, yoga, spinning,

YMCA Henley – Pilates and yoga

Henley Leisure Centre – Spinning, Pump, yoga, Pilates, circuits and more.

Working out in Henley

I think I may join a cheapish gym nearby, potentially Henley Leisure Centre, for when the weather gets colder and the mornings/evenings get darker, ideally one with classes on offer that I can go to before uni or on my way back home after a day in London.

As marathon training ramps up, most of my workouts are runs – long runs, speed workouts, hills and easy runs along the Thames, through the woods behind our house and along the trail. However I know that I’ll need to do at least some of my runs, speed work especially, on the treadmill. (I actually really miss treadmill running because I’m a weirdo).

working out in Henley

Wearing Sundried, a newish fitness brand with a conscience. The British apparel brand specialises in workout gear, using responsibly sourced material, a low environmental impact and carbon footprint, you can even look up the exact life cycle of your garment using the unique code. You’ll also be able to use the code to track a donation to Water for Kids made with each Sundried purchase to see where your money has gone. Pretty fab, right?


  1. September 5, 2016 / 10:39 am

    You aren’t a weirdo! I like treadmill running too, I like being able to know my speed, pace, distance, and keep it there…I don’t know I don’t mind it at all!!! Good luck with your new routine!

  2. September 5, 2016 / 12:51 pm

    I like the sound of Sundried! And good luck with the new routine. We are definitely spoiled for choice in London.

  3. September 12, 2016 / 12:43 pm

    I share your predicament. I’ve recently moved from London to Bristol and have experienced a bit of shell shock at the difference in class offerings, plus when things are spread out and there’s no tube to get you there, it’s an organisational pain! For now, I’ve joined a gym. One thing I AM loving though – classes seem to be about 25% of the cost of those in London, which isn’t so bad at all!

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