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Speedy Maple Salmon Stir Fry

Speedy Salmon Stir Fry As a blogger, I feel it’s a responsibility to be honest on both my blog and instagram. Even if that means sharing the embarrassing stories, the not-so-good restaurants, the times when I’m an idiot, and to be clear when a post is in partnership with a brand…which this post is – full disclosure – in partnership with Maple Canada UK.After this trip, I have more than realised this isn’t the case for some bloggers if their recommendations are anything to go by.We went to a couple of restaurants based on blog suggestions that were….not good. I can only imagine the blogger...

The Best Energy Gels for Running

In the process of writing this, I have tested a LOT of gels, and will continue to add them to the list as I try other brands, flavours and products (it is not an exhaustive list...yet!). Next up, it’s chews and drinks, sign up to my email list to be the first to get nutrition tips and taste test updates! When you're running for more than 90 mins, whether that is on a training run or in a race, energy gels are one of the easiest ways of fueling during your long runs. Most gels are specifically designed to be high in carbohydrates, easily digestible and practical to carry and consume mid run....

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New York City Marathon Weekend 2023

My feet hurt, my throat is sore and I got a blister from the New York City Marathon. Cheering is HARD! I was in the city for marathon weekend and working at the expo for Erica Sara (check out her personalised running jewellery) including the official New York Marathon finishers pieces). It was a lot of fun to see the behind the scenes of the opening and closing of the marathon expo and speak to the thousands of runners picking up their bibs. Although I definitely felt a little jealousy towards everyone running, especially all those running NYC for the first time. On Saturday morning I ran...

How To Carb Load For A Marathon

How to carb load for a marathon Carbohydrates are the body's preferred source of energy, particularly when it comes to marathon distances. And a great way to prepare for 26.2 (or any run of over 90 - 120 mins) is to fill up your glycogen (carbohydrate) stores to hopefully help stop you hitting the wall during the race. Glycogen is made up of carbohydrate and water. And your body contains about 90 - 120 mins worth of stored glycogen fuel in your muscles. At the end of a marathon training plan, these stores have been depleted. And it's important to refill them in the days leading up to the...

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