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Where should I be buying my food from? And is there a taste and price difference between produce from Sainsbury’s, and produce from independent food retailers? This is what I have set out to discover through a range of taste tests. I have selected a variety of meat and fish produce that we eat regularly and will invite friends over for supper to do blind taste tests.

I chose Sainsbury’s because it is my local supermarket and I have been shopping there forever, and will be comparing their produce similar produce from the local fishmonger, butcher and greengrocer.
The outcome of these tests will decide where we will do the majority of our shopping; Sainsbury’s or the independents. We will also take cost into consideration, looking at whether for taste difference is worth the cost difference. Hopefully in some cases the cheaper option will also be the tastier option!
Salmon: Sainsbury’s vs. fishmonger

Last Friday the Taste tests began. I invited the girls; Anna, Helena, Jo, Emily and Amanda, round for a salmon supper to say goodbye to Anna, who was heading off to South America two days later (and where she is now, so jealous!)

I served ‘Orange and Soy Salmon’ with fresh squid ink pasta and courgettes. 

 Plate 1: Salmon from the local fishmonger with courgettes from the greengrocer. (All the pasta was from Sainsbury’s)
Plate 2: Salmon and courgettes from Sainsbury’s.
Everyone had a small plate of each. Emily was my assistant food stylist for the evening.
I asked everyone to write down which plate they preferred and why. The results were supposed to be anonymous but as we all know each others handwriting that didn’t exactly work, but we all enjoyed hearing what everyone had written!
“First- moister (more moist) and flaked easily. Both were really yummy.” AS
“I think the 1st one is the fishmonger’s one- it was more tasty. Sainsbury’s one very nice but a bit drier and not as flavorsome.” EC
“A fish was nicer.” JS
“I think that the 2nd one was more expensive but preferred the first one.” HA
 “Salmon – winner -1st. I preferred the 1st one as I felt it was more moist. The second one was a bit drier and slightly sweeter. Courgette winner 1st. 1st more flavour and less watery. Overall winner = 1st. P.s Thanks for a yummy dinner xx”. AD. 
Overall everyone, myself included, preferred the 1st plate, and almost everyone thought that plate 1 was from the independents!!
The costings:
Sainsbury’s Salmon- £5 for 400g
Sainsbury’s courgette 1.75 for 3
Fishmonger’s Salmon- £7.90 for 400g
Greengrocer’s courgette- £1 for 2.
We all decided that for roughly 60p extra per serving the fishmonger’s salmon was definitely worth it, and the courgette from the greengrocer was cheaper and tastier- brilliant.
All future salmon and courgette purchases will be from the independents! 
For pudding I had made gooey flourless brownies from a recipe book that I was given for Christmas. I served them with coffee ice-cream.
They were sooo good and we had a lovely evening! It is the last time the six of us will be together until Anna gets back in July! xxx


  1. noyesatcrazies

    Great photos. Hope the running is going well. We are full of admiration! x

  2. Sandra

    Looks delicious!


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