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Boston Marathon Training: 8 Weeks to Go

Feb 27, 2017 | Running | 4 comments

Although I’m trying not to let myself think about this as ‘just’ a 16 week training cycle, it’s hard not to start thinking that the start line is in sight as we pass the 8 week mark in Boston marathon training. This week training hasn’t been as spot on as I’d hoped after briefly getting the lurgy that is going round. Here’s this week’s training blog… (all shot on my iPhone/computer so very real, less polished!)

Monday – 45 minute easy run to shake the legs out after the weekend’s long run. Casual jaunt along the Thames enjoying this countryside life.

Tuesday – Had another sports massage and dry needling session at Perfect Balance with Owen (after feeling a little niggle in my knee last week). I’ve got a whole post about dry needling coming up later this week – probably one to skip if you don’t like needles! I followed up my sports massage with an hour in the POD at the Altitude Centre and a running lesson at the Running School. I can really feel an improvement in my form – kicking my legs up more at the back to change my positioning, and it helps me move faster! Highly recommend some sessions to any runners looking to improve speed and form!

Wednesday – First run commute in months (and months). I’m testing out the I AM RUN BOX backpack to carry my laptop and uni life from Holloway Road to Paddington, via Regent’s Park. It was the perfect end to a long day, although I’m not sure how grateful my fellow train commuters were when I was slightly sweaty! Again, I have more info on the bag coming soon, but aside from a little chafing, I loved it!

Thursday – Day off. I had an exam first thing and was nannying until late.

Friday – Tried a new to me Barre studio in a next door village. It was a lovely, friendly class (full of yummy mummies & grannies) however I could definitely feel the burn and will be back soon. They also have reformer Pilates there too- a great little studio. I’d woken up feeling a little rough but after coming home from Barre I knew I was getting worse and had developed a temperature. I scrapped my run for the day and rested/recovered, slept and worked from the sofa.

Vega Clean Energy

Saturday – Up bright and early to head to the launch of Vega in London – this plant based protein powder and workout ‘supplement’ has been huge in the US market for years but has only just made it over to the UK. I was so excited to try their pre-workout formula, having read about it on American blogs for years – due to EU regulations, they have launched with a slightly different pre workout drink – the ‘Clean Energy’ in strawberry and grapefruit flavour with green and black tea extracts. It’s filled with carbs, sugars and caffeine and is meant to be consumed 20 minutes before your workout, removing the need to eat and digest before you run. I found the tea flavour very overpowering, and sadly, although I wanted to love it (it would be a game changer for my pre-early workouts and speed runs) I just don’t think my tastebuds can handle that at 5am. I’m still really keen to try the Vega Pre so will be giving it a try when I’m in the US next month.

Later on I had the Adidas Runner’s run club, where hills were on the plan. I knew I wanted to get some hills in so decided to tag along and see how I felt – luckily I felt awesome and we knocked out 5 miles with 5 hill reps thrown in.

Adidas Runners Brick Lane

Sunday – Long run day… I had a 2.5 hour run with no pace requirements or distance goal which was quite fun. I changed the setting on my watch just to show the time and ran from my friend’s house in Shepherds Bush, down to Hammersmith, up to Putney Bridge, back down to Kew Bridge and back to Shepherds Bush for a total of 17 miles at 8.17 pace. I started way too fast (3 sub 8 miles!) but felt awesome and was able to maintain a sub 9 pace for all 17 miles, despite the headwinds and some fairly busy stretches of the Tow Path! A huge confidence boosting run.

Have a great week! What are you training for? How did last week go for you? 


  1. Nicole

    i am so impressed by you. you are really working hard and making this all happen. it’s incredible and inspiring.

  2. katieferg89

    Ahhhh, my much loved “sweaty on the train” fear. I’ve given up caring now – sorry all other London Midland passengers! Looks like things are ticking along nicely for you, hope it continues. Will be interesting to read your take on dry needling – I’ve been a fan for a while, despite the weird sensations…

  3. Hannah

    You’re doing really well! Relax and don’t worry about being ill/missing a session!

  4. Val

    Love your blog. Good luck with the rest of your training Charlie. All the best from a fellow runner x


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