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Bloggers who Brunch (and try Reformer Pilates)

Nov 12, 2013 | Uncategorized | 1 comment

Brunch is one of my favourite things, coupled with a new exercise class with some of my favourite blogger buddies, and you’ve got a pretty great Saturday morning in my opinion.

TenPilates hosted us at their Hatton Garden studio, with the brilliant Matt, our instructor, leading us in a class that worked our entire bodies- particularly our bums!

At the beginning of the class Matt asked us what we wanted to work on; abs, legs, or full body. We all voted for a bit of everything to test out a variety of moves on the machine. 
Getting the inner thighs activated- we were offered a free PT session if we were able to break the hoop. Sadly, no-one was even close! 
The ‘machine’ is like a bed that slides back and forward on a pulley and spring system, with adjustable springs that determine the resistance. The pulley and spring system increases the challenge of various activities by testing your balance, dynamic movement and control, whilst additional bars, hoops and straps allow you to vary the exercises you’re able to do on the machine. There are also a variety of hand weights under the bed to use during the classes- targeting double muscle groups!

Laura and Becca aren’t new to Reformer Pilates, and they both raved about it beforehand, but for the rest of us it was our first class. I had been worried that it would be difficult to get the hang of it, but in the small group environment it was easy to follow the instructor or other class members. I loved how Matt came round and corrected our form, and explained what muscles we were targeting for each movement.

The hour long workout had my legs shaking by the end, and ‘buns of fire’ rather than steel! I could physically feel my muscles engaging and tightening. Our group collectively groaned when we stretched out of IT bands- you can tell that we’re all runners. 

Classes aren’t cheap (£27 a class, although they do get cheaper with block bookings) however you do feel like you get a great workout, and a lot of attention from the teacher. I think regular sessions would do great things to strengthen our glutes and hamstrings, and reduce some of the pressure on runners quads! I think my legs would definitely benefit from introducing Reformer Pilates into my schedule.

After our workout we headed out into the rain and made our way for a delicious brunch at The Modern Pantry. Coffee, poached eggs and chorizo plus lots of running chat!

Thank you to TenPilates for hosting us and giving us a complimentary class to try- they offer introductory classes for £12.50 at all of their London Locations.

1 Comment

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